How to add Google Maps into your own website ?

On a company website, of course, along with a description there must be a map. But beware: If you simply copy a map from the net, you risk expensive warnings. The best solution: Integrate simple Google Maps a map. It's legal and technical problems.
To integrate Google Maps into my website, no programming skills are required. Even with technical terms such as API or interface, you need not bother itself. It's so simple:

1. Go to Google Maps ( and zoom the view so as to appear to your website later.

2. Then click the top right of the blue line to "link".

3. A sub menu appears. Click "Customize and preview embedded map," click.

4. In the next window select the desired map size, for example, "Medium".

5. Select the source code in the field "HTML Code". The easiest way is by clicking three times in a row in the field. Alternatively, click once to the field and press [Ctrl] + [A]. A third option, click the right mouse button on the selected source code, and select the Copy command, the source code is added to the clipboard..

6. The last step is to install the source code in your website. To do this, open your web editor, place the mouse cursor to the desired location and paste the source code with [Ctrl] + [V].
That's it. If you save the page and copy them to your own web server, the selected Google Maps map displayed on your website. The source code ensures that is automatically displayed the correct map in the desired size.

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