Top 5 AntiVirus Software downloads- Avira, Avast, AVG, Microsoft security, Bit diffender

Top 5 antiviruses

1 - Microsoft Security Essentials

      This "virus” is owned by Microsoft and as we said above is completely free for users who have the original operating system. Whether the antivirus is pretty good, but equally there are better.


 2 - Avast

Avast is considered one of the best antivirus today, and that it is very simple to use and requires no great knowledge to configure. If you use a lot of P2P networks, because this virus is for you.

3 - Free AVG Antivirus

With AVG your computer will be protected 24 hours a day before the pesky Trojans, malware, particularly viruses. This antivirus is ideal for those users who use Internet Explorer most of the time.

4 – Bit defender

This is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus free which is online and best of all is that barely uses resources, so it is very, very light. Bit defender Antivirus has the distinction of offering one type protection 24 / 7 without the need to be updated or something of the style, since it can operate without any problems on a computer without internet.

5 -Avira Antivirus Personal

This antivirus free is not very popular among users because it is very new and hardly anyone has used it, but I must say that I have it installed on my mobile computer and it works wonderfully. If you want a virus free, light and complete, you've no more to do than download Avira Antivirus Personal.

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