How to Join two PC with Ethernet Network Cable

For all users of just about technology, we have decided to present something really well known and useful but that brings problems to many at the time of wanting to do and set up the connection. We are talking about making a connection between two computers through a simple network cable.
Usually this is when we have to get files from one PC to another and these are too heavy (8 or 16 GB as an example), plus if you want to reformat the computer and do not know how to make a backup with this tool you can spend all your files to another computer and thus save all the information.
How to connect two computers with a cable network
What is needed? We need two computers with network input (may be Notebook PC and desktop PC or two)
Obviously, a cable network.

1 - The first step is go to Start - Control Panel - Network Connections

2 - Do you right click on the icon "Local Area Connection” and then you click on Properties?
3 - Then you have to go to the option TCP / IP and click on properties again
4 - Finally enter the addresses of IP involved. It is very important to follow the following step with great care:
5 - In the PC number one must complete the following fields:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

6 - In the PC number 2 must complete the following fields:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:

 Click OK to save changes, reboot both computers and you can transfer files without a problem.

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