The War Begins Google V/S Apple

Here we go. So we knew the clash Microsoft / Apple, including their famous ad campaigns, now the Cold War begins between Google and Apple. Explanations:
It all starts with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. It is part of Apple's board of directors since 2006.After all, why the two companies, Google and Apple, are definitely not competing? These findings have changed here in recent months. Little by little, Google is diversifying and moving toward the market necessary to Apple. OS Android and Chrome is in evidence.
However, Eric Schmidt says he wants to remain on the board of directors of Apple ... until yesterday. Apple has released a statement saying that the CEO of Google was not longer on the board of directors of Apple highlighting the risks of conflicts of interest.
The tone is fairly diplomatic, yet. At the same time, we learn that Central HS Mobile and Voice, two applications stamped Google, were simply banned from the App Store. For Apple, the two Google applications compete directly with products made in Apple. In recent days, the U.S. court has jurisdiction over the matter by asking Apple the exact reasons for the refusal of the Google applications.
Let us not be fooled, these two facts show clearly the weapon of an early clash of war and Apple / Google. If Eric Schmidt has joined the board of directors of Apple, is that disputes are more than notable.
Time will tell which of them wins. The strategy of the two giants is not strictly the same. Apple tries to crush new competitors, Google win in a market dominated by the iPhone.

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