14 effective ways to write a blog post

Would you start a blog it? Follows the pattern of how to write your articles? Which appeal to readers how to mix the way you write or express that?
Will introduce several approaches you might also be used:

1. To use the inverted pyramid style frequently used by journalists. First, bring the beginning of the article says the most important "who" "what" "where" "when" "how" they will answer the questions of journalists typically like.

2. Before and express opinions on important facts behind the story first, untold stories and to draw the attention of readers, and to bring the case study.

3. Startling statistics and the statistics that elicits a response, or use both.

4. Use the question and answer format to provide a series of questions and answers. You might want to start with the most important questions and answers.

5. Along with the stories and history, starting from the beginning of things to go on gradually.

6. The traditional essay style that you learned in school to present the conclusions from a series of initiatives to consolidate the basis for discussions.

7. Reference to news articles, blog posts and someone else, start by part or all of they agree, explain why.

8. And ask them to imagine a hypothetical matter that readers have some memories to recall.

9. Straightforward question, it is meaningful, sometimes in an exaggerated, possibly using some of its role as a ploy to elicit comments and discussions.

10. For certain people who write for them.

11. To expose yourself to know something about the reader.

12. To bring the definitions describing the core concepts of your post.

13. Using photographs and illustrations that highlight certain aspects that you want to write about.

14. Previous experience or education (or both) will arrange some things for you on the basis of subject matter expertise based.

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