Tips for creating an effective campaign on Google Adwords

When it comes to choosing different ways to get targeted traffic to his site, we can move towards solutions or play money.
The advantage with Google Adwords is the speed, with which your ad may be on the first page of Google, but you avoid paying several dollars a click, you need to know some tricks to create a campaign that is effective.
• Use the keyword generator for Google Adwords. This tool will let you know the keywords that your potential customers clap with monthly search volume. You will also know if there is strong competition between advertisers and the estimated price of the click. Your goal is to try to find keywords that are not used very easily to dominate the ranking.
• When you have found different keywords, you must add them several times in your ad. Try to add in the title in the body of the ad and in the URL. Just create a page dedicated to your listing and appoint "your-word-clĂ©.html.
• First, it is best not to show your ads in the content network. These are sites that use Google Adsense. This saves you from having a large number of times without getting any clicks or very little. This defines the CTR (number of clicks divided by the number of postings). The higher and the better for all.
• You must create at least two ads are identical except for one thing. After several days of testing, you can select the best one and start a new test. Your goal is to improve the conversion rates of your ad for you to reduce gradually the price of the click. ¨
• Keep tracking conversions. It is important to know which ads or keywords that helped you generate a sale. You can then remove the ads or keywords that do not make money.
These 5 tips will help you get started and avoid wasting your money unnecessarily.

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