Tips to increase Traffic to your website

Welcome! Here are some tips to increase traffic to your blog. If you think that some tips are trivial to leave a comment. Happy reading!

1. Always create original content and not copy the articles of other
Perhaps this does not even need to say. NEVER copy other’s. If you must "borrow" an article by another blogger not forget to ask for permission and put the link in the original post copied.

2. Always reply to emails and comments of your readers
Always respond to your reader’s shows that are always available and reliable. It’s a good way to buy fixed readers.

3. Link when possible to your previous posts
It 'very important to give proper space to your older posts. How many times will ever write a good guide or review that has not received proper compensation of readings he deserved. It 'should therefore always link to previous posts or use the widget of "articles".

 4. Subscribe in different forums, communities, or social network
This is also a very important point. Put a link to your blog in the digital signature of a forum, link it as a source in Yahoo! Answer or create a dedicated page on Facebook can generate a substantial number of visits.

5. Always check your older posts
It 'should always double check the old posts looking for grammatical errors or inconsistencies. It can happen to anyone, through inexperience or haste, make mistakes and should correct them.

 6. Always use a system of Feed RSS 
Keep always updated their readers is a factor required for a blog!

 7. Remember that you're on top of your readers
Do not treat your readers, especially when responding to their comments or their email, with superiority. Remember that there is always someone who knows more about you.

 8. Use banner ads (e.g. AdSense) only after reaching a good number of fixed readers
Fill your blog banner advertising material is a factor, especially for those who have not reached a fixed number of visitors. Nobody likes reading a web page full of advertising. Therefore risk losing even visitors who do not already have...
 9. Always use images in your posts 
It sounds corny, but one picture can make a difference and can make nice article to read.
 10. Usa simple layout and clear
Too confusing layout makes it difficult to read the blog. Avoid abuse with widgets or colors. The reader must quickly find what you're looking!

11. Create unique content
Your blog must have something unique to be able to penetrate and take a position over your competitors. Even a simple guide or list of tips like this can make a difference.

 12. Still continues to write and work on your blog
Never stop working at your blog for too long periods, especially in the beginning when you have a certain position on search engines. Stop writing the blog post could lead to decline.

 13. Do not write just to gain
Your blog must not only provide a means to earn. This is not the right spirit to become a good blogger. Your goal should be another!

14. Avoid using titles trivial or unconvincing
If the reader has a choice between two similar or identical items, choose the one with the most original and compelling way. So before you publish an article you read the title more than once!

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