How to Remove Scratches from CD and DVD- Easy method

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How many times will you ever find an old DVD or CD, maybe find somewhere unthinkable of your home, and want to reuse? How many times have you found such a heavy heart that because of some scratches too does not work? Probably a thousand times or probably no, but in both situations, this guide will be useful, sooner or later.

To overcome this problem there are several solutions, some more reliable than others, but today we propose a method to reach, easy to apply and does not charge: using toothpaste. Yes, just what I used to brush your teeth. But we explain in more detail how to proceed.

Materials needed:
  1. A CD or DVD (really?)
  2. Toothpaste possibly those classics granules or various additions;
  3. A cotton ball;
  4. Water.

How to proceed:
Just take the CD or DVD you want to repair and spreads a bit of toothpaste on it using cotton swab. After cleaning the CD carefully, you can try several times (but not too many, if not work the first time it should work after many attempts?).
you should try this method before on a CD no longer to be sure your toothpaste does not damage the optical media.

End result:
The final results are four possible
  1. Scratches disappeared;
  2. Scratches gone so mild;
  3. Scratches are not gone or otherwise poorly visible results;
  4. Further damage to the support (remote possibility).

Factors that could affect the final result:
  • What the quality of support;
  • The extent of scratching;
  • Type of toothpaste.

  • It 's fast;
  • It costs nothing;
  • All material must surely find it at home.

  • It is not a permanent method;
  • Could (even if the chances are remote) further damage the optical media instead of repairing the scratches;
  • Certainly not replace the professional products of high quality.

 Our guide ends. Remember however that it is always better to prevent than cure. So do not stop you treat your Cd's as ornaments, especially if they contain important information and you want to keep long :)! Let us know if you had problems with this method or if you will remain satisfied. Stay tuned for more news and guides

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