First rumors about the components of the iPhone 5

With the launch of the iPhone 4 for networks CDMA Verizon, Apple has lifted something that was extremely sought in the United States for some time. But there seems to be plenty of rest, because that means you have to get moving to the next phone model. One way Taiwan has today reported the alleged pieces that use the iPhone 5 .
Apparently, the manufacturer Kinsus has been making components for the processor that would be the A8 is still pending on whether we are dealing with an actual or modification of the processor ARMCortex-A8 or whether Apple will baptize with this naming another different processor. It would be the successor to the current A4 bearing the iPhone 4 , and is likely to be multi-core.
We also track the iPhone 5 would have a variant for Verizon, and that Qualcomm is another manufacturer who named the rumors and that it is involved in the recent model CDMA iPhone 4.Although this year has painted the pattern of change events and presentations, forecasts indicate that we would still have a new iPhone in the summer after a mass mailing in the spring months. Anyway it is too early to start betting dates.

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