Facebook valuation exceeds eBay and Yahoo

Facebook received an investment of 500 million dollars (374 million euros) of Goldman Sachs and a Russian investment company in a deal that puts the value of the network over companies like eBay, Yahoo and Time Warner , reported the newspaper "The New York Times."

According to sources close to the transaction, Goldman Sachs invested $ 450 million (337.3 million euros) in Facebook and Digital Sky Technologies company another $ 50 million (37.4 million), bringing the value of Facebook now stands at 50,000 million dollars (37.471 million euros), the newspaper said.

The new investment expands the power of Facebook, it is time for some serious competition to the information giants like Google.

With this investment, Facebook has the potential to attract a valuable workforce employed in the competition, develop new products and to acquire other companies without a listing, the paper said.

New investment in Facebook comes to light at a time when the Commission of U.S. Securities (SEC, in English) has launched an investigation to determine if there have been irregularities in the purchase of shares in major Internet enterprise, including Facebook and Twitter, said "The New York Times." 

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Marc Zo said...

This new investment in Facebook will surely reach out in the final stage since its employees are working by looking at the competition when this continues Facebook has the power to beat its giant competitor google.

October 14, 2015 at 3:19 AM

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