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Hi all in this post let me explain about  link building. Recently i got many mails from my readers and friends about SEO. All need some tricks to make their site popular. And according to their request i am writing this article. Anyway i am hoping that this would help them very much. If you want anything else please contact me through comment section. If you want any other tips feel free to ask i will provide whatever yyou needed in my coming posts. So read and try to make it practical these are some easy tips without spending any money. You can see many programs for websites that needed money investment. These are the things i wrote from my personal experience. I hope you like this.

Easiest and interesting link building tips without spending any money

 1.                          Write valuable content. More unique and attractive your product is, the faster will be linked to.Readers love articles with unique information.

 2.                          Track backs. This handy feature in WordPress is a good way to thank a retouneren for a link.

 3.                          Send bloggers have a surprise. This is essentially a gift for their birthday or a digital Christmas card. Many bloggers are talking about on their blog.

 4.                          Log on to all Dutch and Social Bookmarking Sites like: msn reporter,etc. Place a regular article of your own.

 5.                          Hereunder your readers to link. Make sure each item within a block or social bookmark is another possible so they can send a link. Twitter is doing well now.

 6.                          Join the social media. LinkedIn still gives DoFollow links with anchor text of your choice.

 7.                          Create a top list, lists always do well on blogs. The top 100, best 50, etc. are items that are most often not only read but also linked from other blogs.

 8.                          Try to disprove a myth. There is only one thing better than a new idea, to demonstrate that someone's not. Readers are crazy bloggers against it somewhere. Go to a debate and give your own opinion.

 9.                          Find DoFollow blogs and forums. Here the link in your signature really worth.

 10.                       Interview a fellow blogger once. He will really have to tell that he was interviewed.

 11.                       MySpace, Facebook and MySpace are still communities where you can get lots of publicity, unfortunately, the links are now less well indexed by Google.

 12.                       Place an ad even on commercial sites such as; marketplace or detectives. For a few dollars you get a good backlink and a lot of visitors.

 13.                       Sign up with Technorati and create a profile

 14.                       Remove old wounds. Look who once wrote about your and ask them to do so again.

 15.                       Sponsor something. This is a WP Theme, a site or a project. A sponsor is always and everywhere called

 16.                       Put on charity and ask your readers to tell about it.

 17.                       Write an article especially for Article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles,etc. Make sure that there is a link to your site or a page.

 18.                       Write a very good article and try to publish on Wikipedia, of course with a link. Before your Wikipedia article will place you really have done your best.

 19.                       Create a Squidoo page. This is easy work for a lot of publicity. Do not know how, you probably know someone who knows how it works.

 20.                       Join the conversation on Yahoo Answers and Google’s Discussion Board. Provides valuable answers with a link to an article.

 21.                       Digg. This I do not have to explain. Right?

 22.                       Write a conspiracy theory. Even if it is not entirely true, but you can create an atmosphere of vengeance in your readers will always raise questions.

 23.                       Create a free WordPress Theme. Can not you make a purchase on such classifieds and give it away for free to your readers. Need a WP Theme with full rights then you can add hundreds of sites. Just make sure there is a link to your site in the footer.

 24.                       Today there are many RSS directories where you can add your RSS feed, please make good use of.

 25.                       Sprinkle with love. Wear a further article to a colleague who according to your valuable information. This fellow blogger you will be sure to mention, often with a link to your site.

 26.                       Exchange items. Find a blogger with a site that has roughly the same value as yours and exchange an item.

 27.                       Let’s have a separate press release. Many websites shows you exactly how best to write and publish a press release. This can rapidly increase your incoming links.

 28.                       Hold a contest. This is good for your links and advertising, many participants will place a link to the contest in which they participate.

 29.                       Create a WP Plug-in. Like a theme you can a make or buy. The advantage of a valuable plug-in is that it can bring your inbound links sky-high.

 30.                       Be generous! If you keep on your blog contest reward the one who bids the most for your controls. This will encourage readers to write a piece about the contest

 31.                       Be active in relevant forums and post useful information regularly.

 32.                       Place very frequently comments on blogs relevant to yours

 33.                       Who are you? If you make a post on a forum, your signature is the most important, use this not the right way then you post in vain

 34.                       Deep Linking via forums. If you comment on an article or post a post on a forum is better to place a link to an article on your site and not to your index page. So get your whole blog equal attention.

 35.                       Communities do not spam with links to your site! The rarer the more people click the link and how valuable he is for Google.

 36.                       Log in to your blog directories. Use only directories that have a minimum PageRank of 3, and place your blog in the right category.

 37.                       Sign in to Twitter and provide a link to your site through your "Bio" and get active with.

 38.                       Tweet about articles that have posted and ask for your followers Retweet

 39.                       Make that "Tweet this post" link will be shown in everything you publish.

 40.                       Send your fellow bloggers have a mail asking for a link exchange. Although there are fewer bloggers who do you keep trying.

 41.                       Ask on forums if anyone wants a link exchange, be choosy who you choose.

 42.                       Are you affiliated with an association, club or school, ask again for a link from their site. These sites are often good reputation with Google.

 43.                       Buy a review. Most sites that write reviews automatically place a link to where they write about.

 44.                       Many bloggers buy links on other blogs or sites. If you buy a link there are some risks.

 45.                       Create a Flickr account. Updated regularly with new pictures, and provide a link to your site.

 46.                       Place valuable comments on blogs which made the Top Commentators Plug-in installed. Once you are in this list, also make sure that you remain there.

 47.                       Write an article once about a position; ensure that I place your link on my blog.

 48.                       Excessive use of nearly all the tips I mentioned above could give rise to spam, do not.

I know there are many more ways to get high quality links, especially in the business market, but I think I've done quite my best.

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fouzanspykid said...

if there is any mistakes or do u have any doubt feel free to ask in comment section

October 6, 2010 at 8:49 AM
Robbert said...

All tips included in this post are very helpful for site ranking.

SEO services

November 8, 2010 at 10:18 PM

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