Sky Sports begins to broadcast football matches in 3D-format!

TV channel Sky Sports will broadcast the match between teams of Manchester United and Arsenal in the format of 3D! Although it is a pleasure to be not available to everyone because of all the sport bar Britain and Ireland, only nine selected channel. Name all nine were classified in order to avoid trouble with the lack of places.

According to the company before you dare at this responsible step they have been studied a lot of the nuances of 3D-TV, which became known to them with the help of the director named James Cameron on  same mega popular fiction film Avatar. So the nuances of these lie in the fact that TV is a revolutionary, and it could do harm to human health.

We recall that recently a 3D-session aforementioned blockbuster national died in Taiwan, and the reason for this, as later established doctors, has been bleeding in the brain as a result of prolonged eye fatigue. This case is unique, which led to the death, at the same time by many visitors after the film show complaints of malaise and nausea.

We hope that in the case of football matches all right without any problems, and other leading TV channels of the world will take the experience Sky Sports on your note, because we also are also very much want to see the sparkling play of Andrei Arshavin in the format of 3D.

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