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Internet Explorer continues to hold approximately 60% of the browser market, but its popularity is on a steady decline after the emergence of alternatives called Mozilla Firefox and, more recently, Google Chrome. Updates the momentum of Firefox and even if we strictly dizzying Google Chrome tipped the scales in favor of alternative browsers, especially among experienced users.
Remaining in first place primarily because of the presence of the default operating system, Internet Explorer has tried to reinvent itself with the eighth version, but the results were not as expected. Thus, no longer surprised that anyone immediately started developing for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, and the first beta will be available for download in September.
Meanwhile, Microsoft was limited to us "threaten" a revolutionary version will cause us to abandon Firefox and Chrome and return to "first love." Among the few concrete technical details disclosed by U.S. producer of software are those relating to compatibility with HTML5, the new engine and test results ACID3 JavaScript?

 Compatibility with HTML5
Microsoft is one of the most argil Support for HTML5 standard, primarily due to the opportunities offered by this language for multimedia content. One of the innovations of multimedia clips HTML5 is displayed only via HTML code, which is owned by the unnecessary use of Flash technology Adobe rival.
Although the real reasons for concern HTML5 support a victory against Adobe, Microsoft did not forget to show support for the HTML code-sharing and the same scripts for all browsers on the market, which will significantly ease the work of web developers.
Internet Explorer 9 will use a new JavaScript rendering engine, called "Chakra". Microsoft has not offered any details on these engines, except that it was properly integrated into the browser to work with new HTML5 standard within a single integrated system.

For those who fond of statistics, it is worth to mention that Internet Explorer 8 has won only 20 points in 100 AID3 test, the browser is completely backward from this point of view. Things are totally different for the new version, which has already reached 95 points in the 100 to the ultimate test of the fourth version of dedicated developers.
The four versions of Internet Explorer 9 preview dedicated developers do not give a clear picture of the interface that will take your browser. Precisely for this reason, the new look of the browser is still unknown, but it will dispel the mystery of this month with the launch of the first version beta dedicated (and) curious home users.
Hard to say at this point what the impact of the new version, but at least so far things seem to indicate a significant improvement compared with Internet Explorer 8. In addition, regardless of sympathy, a powerful 9 Internet Explorer can only benefit the users, since competition is always a craftsman of development, regardless of what field it is.

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