Mercedes, the engine DiesOtto for Class S |Mercedes, the engine DiesOtto for Class S Review and photos

The Mercedes continues in the trial of Otto cycle engine, thinking of mounting it on the S-Class Continues the evolution of the beautiful concept carF700. After presenting at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007, with great success, the drive home in Stuttgart, shall communicate to other changes, illustrating the enormous talents of quality and comfort that the car has. The engineers of the Silver Star will use the new Otto-cycle engine, to bring it to the final production.
A propeller-powered station, with great power but reduced fuel consumption. It can be likened to an engine diesel, but with more power, better response at low speeds and fuel consumption smaller. Not only that, but, like a diesel engine, the Otto cycle can develop a large torque even at low engine rpm. The Otto cycle engine, highly innovative, has two turbines with variable geometry, of direct injection and a compression ratio is also variable.

As the main feature, the Otto cycle is different for the mode in which case the lighting of the air-fuel mixture: the candle is used only in certain loading conditions, such as low compression or high speeds, while during the low and medium rpm , ignition occurs as in diesel engines, that is, spontaneously. This is a 1.8 cc twin-turbo, four cylinders, capable of developing a power of 238 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Mercedes announced that the engine needs 5.3 liters per 100 km, using abode such as the aerodynamic F700 Concept. On a Class D, for example, the engine uses, instead, 6 liters per 100 km. In all likelihood, will be its future flagship S-Class unit to house the Otto cycle engine, in conjunction with its commercial launch in international markets.

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