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In this article we can discuss about SEO. I am narrating Errors of SEO that common blogger do.The search engine optimization is a topic for themselves for hours, one could edit his blog and again you will find the blog to optimize it further. But if everything is so effective is another question. The same applies to the off page optimization, i.e., the optimization does not take place on your own blog. There is, for example, the myth of the comments on other blogs to help improve their own PageRank. Also, because many people think the search engine optimization should be used only once is a common superstition. I have looked for ten mistakes about search engine optimization in the wide world of the Internet and also on clarifying what is true at it and what is not. The errors arise from the way most superficial knowledge of many users in various forums that claim to control the optimization perfect, although the algorithms of ranking factors are strength secret. This half-knowledge does more harm than it uses.

Error 1: Who writes many comments on other blogs, improving its PageRank.
Many people know not yet determined, but in 90% of the comment fields in the blog the link attribute "no follow" is used. This attribute means that the search engines do not follow this link and therefore do not evaluate it. Unfortunately, many do not know what makes a real spam in the comments.

Error 2: The higher the keyword density, the better for my blog.
When keyword density it is the same as with the alcohol: In moderation it is okay, not in masses. Who has a too high keyword density can be classified as spam by the search engine, which leads to no longer be listed in the index. A healthy keyword density is between 3% and 8%.

Error 3: I need to optimize my blog and only once to get the best rankings.
Search engines like Google change their algorithm as often as some of his underpants. The Web is a medium which is developed at a rapid speed and always finds new ways. It may very well be that my current optimization strategy and tomorrow's old hat again. Who wants to optimize his blog, must remain constantly on the ball and watch the Web. In order to obtain optimal long-term rankings, the site will be constantly developed and optimized also.

Error 4: If stuffing the Meta tags with keywords, the best results.
Same here as in the keyword density: Less is more. The Meta tags should be filled with the most important keywords, but not exceeding 10, which is already the most extreme of emotions.

Error 5: "alt" attributes should also be flooded with keywords.
The "alt" attribute is there's content with additional information to enrich. The search engine respects, not so much on the "old" and "title" attributes, but it is definitely punished for dizziness.

Error 6: If I have many keywords in the footer, built-in my blog ends up above.
For search engines, first the content is relevant, because that is what was read by the users most and is also required. Another reference or a single keyword no reader will want to see. Keywords in the footer have very little effect on the ranking of the website is the footer of the bodies there to be read very rare.

Error 7: PageRank is everything!
One of the most common mistakes at all. The PageRank is only a calculated value of back links and their value. Unfortunately, the quality of the backlinks will be the loser, even though it is relevant in many.

Error 8: Many keywords take much.
Actually, the opposite is the case, because the more keywords are used, the less interesting is the single keyword in the search engine. Optimal is an improvement to 4-5 key words, but for the content, so the contents of the relevant blogs.

Error 9: Who optimized for search engines, have to write fewer articles.
Search engines love blogs that are constantly updated and publish new content. A search engine's crawlers are constantly on the move looking for new content. A blog of most of its contents are not extended, is visited from time to time, less and less of the crawlers. The interval between visits is therefore longer.

Error 10: search engine optimization is fast.
Whoever ends up a website optimized, tomorrow in the top results? That would be so beautiful and the SEOs would bring a lot of money. But the reality is different: It usually takes months and will be displayed for more than half a year until a new blog or a new website in the front results.

There are definitely more Errors about search engine optimization, it were these, which are the most common and most play in the network. We also see that there are many things that can go wrong during optimization.

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