Google going to develop self driving car | Google self Driving car details

Google wants to conquer the world!  And they started it.
After the Internet after the phone market, Google is now ready to invade our streets with cars capable of traveling without a pilot.
Yes, you read that right. Google has already prepared and put on the road, specifically in California, the first cars equipped with fully automatic pilot, without any human intervention.
The photos are in the beginning part depicts one of those cars, whose circulation has been authorized for the time being in California alone.
The Google-car is equipped with sensors and an artificial intelligence able to control the car and replicate the choices they make for a human being in traffic.
So far seven cars have been produced evidence which 1,600 km route in total autonomy and 224,000 well with the occasional intervention of the now-obsolete human cargo.
Currently reported accidents were caused by vehicles, you say, I'm not yet occurred or have them hidden there? 
For added security, however, the cars always accommodate a passenger in the driver's seat (and mind you I did not write driver), which must be ready to intervene if necessary.
But how does the machine Google to travel completely independently?
The solution is simple, or at least his explanation.
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The car in question, namely a Toyota Prius, has been fully-equipped with radar systems, cameras and other sensors managed by a super-computer, which takes care of tracking the paths and avoid obstacles that arise on the path of 'car.
In short, the revolution is already here. The machine self-guided Google is already circulating on the streets of America, as we wait to see even normal cars with this system?
I think the first car able to run without drivers hit the market in 2014. What do you think?
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