A day of pleaseure for me|I got adsense account approved today

Hi friends
After a long waiting today i got Adsense approval. I am very happy to inform you this news. Today i am in a great mood. Because i got a chance to work with Google. Now in such a way i also become one of the employee of Google. This is one of the unforgettable day of my life. Sometime this will be a turning point of my life or sometimes nothing will happen special and anything will happen. Anyway i am happy to inform you guys this day is one of the happiest day i had ever had. I didn't hope a approval for me from Google. Almighty god helped me to get this account. Now you guys will think that what is so special on getting an adsense account. It is easy to get such account and like that you will think. But in my case it is a very happy situation and i wanna enjoy. Because i am quite different from all you guys with my habit. I will became sad for silly reasons and shown very happy to small reasons. According to me getting adsense approval is a great thing. You guys will think that for what i write this article and some will laugh at me by reading this. But no problem at all because i am new to this internet world and i am getting closer and closer to the things around this world and i am tasting even simple things in this world. Up to now i discovered many informatical things and also many useless things in this internet. No problem at all. Now i also got approval from Google and iam totally confused to use it. I dont know effective ways to make ads in my blog and earn money through it. I didnt know any tricks or tips to make more money with adsense. Even i read some articles about it here and there in websites and now i am going to make it practical in my website. I would like to make a webpage of my on on .com site. Now this blog is on blogspot account. Any way i will post you soon my experience with Google adsense. I know that Google adsense will disable if i do anything against its laws. Anyway i am going to start experimenting this Google adsense program. If you guys know anything about this topic. Please help me. I just write all these simply. Because i want to share something from my life to you all my readers and i am feeling veru happy if i share anything to anybody. So friend keep reading. I will not forget this day in my life, the day i got adsense approval.


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