FIFA 2010 or PES 2010 Which is best | FIFA vs PES Which is best |

We can say that this is a classic challenge in the world of video games and has now been repeated for years ... against FIFA and PES!
We had the pleasure to try both and we can say with absolute certainty that by then the era of Konami is coming increasingly to an end.
The Konami and EA have developed over the years, for the uninitiated, the various titles of football simulation, namely Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, which has always prevailed under Konami, or PES.
Over the years, EA has not been watching some of last year and already we have seen significant improvements that have dramatically closed the gap compared to the rival.
This year the two games appear to be identical, that is no longer a title much better than another, changing only the features that we can tilt to buy a license for another.
We begin to list some of these differences and similarities.
  • GRAPHICS: From the graphical point of view the two games are very equal, both uses the full potential of the console, players are virtually identical to their real counterparts and stadiums are spectacular. In an analysis of the entire staff, we can say that PES offers more game cameras and a slightly better graphics and clearer than FIFA, but they are really small details that are certainly not to influence the game. On the negative side, we can only note that for both games the players' movements as "trot" seem a little strange, let's say very fluid ... This is perhaps the only flaw we can find graphics in both titles.
  • GAME: The first difference you notice is that FIFA should be dosed every touch of the ball, every single pass, cross or shot is optimized by a bar that is charged based on what you press the corresponding button, which however in PES is only for the cross (away from the penalty spot) and throws in practice the transition has a bar that is loaded, even if the distance of this change on the basis of "how strong" press the button. This is not a new thing though; I am convinced that all players are already aware of this difference. Of course, like other securities, in accordance with the player we are using or change the precision of the steps of the shooting, although the title Konami is much easier to get rid with the players, in other words you can not dribble more effectively. From the perspective of game maybe PES is still slightly ahead for the mythical triangulations, a feature that has ever graced this title, although in all honesty even FIFA now has a playing style of all respect. Unfortunately (this is purely personal) in the title Konami are still pretending that you are using the arrow keys, that it is possible to make fake arrows or stick pad, which I always hated because they were never looking fake out during phases of the game .... I lost too many balls in midfield by "Veronica" unintentionally in midfield! The goalies seem to have improved, ie no more parades alternate impossible for shots taken with goals from midfield, but still we have seen that sometimes the shots from the average distance become dormant, or watch the ball into net passing an inch away ... while the other players seem much more COM "smart", even at medium difficulty spin the ball much more and his companions follow the action, in particular, I noticed on PES the players fall by the offside or he can expect to get from point a man to space and then end up stupidly not offside, the wings and full backs will "rise" much more than other stocks, giving a much more realism to the scenes of the game. Finally we can say, from a very personal point of view, that FIFA has a very good game that uses the stick while PES not, for example, I can not play well with the arrow keys and advice for those who play like me buying PES only if they have a ps3, since it is virtually impossible to play this game with the arrow keys on Xbox!
  • EXTRAS: As we have seen, we can say that the challenge was won by FIFA, it offers an option that allows us to replay LIVE with our favorite team this season, we have only one chance and we can remedy the fool made by our team during this season, for example, I've avoided that Milan lost 4 to 0 in the derbyIn practice we can connect over the Internet and download the pattern and the results all season and just replay the match the team's choice, making a continuous dialogue with "our team" and the real one! In PES 2010 but the only "news" is the reappearance of "community" or the ability to record our friends and see all the data items that we do with them, a treat for those who like to play games with friends and keep the of how many times we can beat a friend of ours ... One way to continue to tease those who dare to challenge  . However, just for the record, in both games was again the possibility of becoming "a myth" creating our player and become the legends of football, we have seen, however, that FIFA can also use an existing player and increase his success and popularity, even having the goals in each game (take a series of votes equal to 7 or do two goals in the next game). In addition we had the chance to play LIVE in the title EA and there is a chance to play with two other friends in a team using our created player, all three are in the same team each taking the role he has chosen! Not to mention the fact that we can send our photos at the site of EA and we can create our player in our own image and likeness!

In any case, both games offer a chance to play all the leagues / cups that exist with the sole difference being that Konami still has the sole can make a UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.
For now we can not tell you more because we have not had a chance to see the live of PES, but for now the comparison is finished at par, certainly as we have said there is no longer a clear separation between the two games except small differences listed above ... I personally have always been a fan of PES but advise everyone to give a chance to FIFA, surely it's worth.

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