Some tips to become success in blogging

A blog which regularly posting new articles is not only the search engines like to see, but also for the readers who stop by regularly. But the tactics every day is to write an article do not work on life. Articles need to be more precise time and even a lot of time. According to the daily working life, which - also needs to be done, is not too many more free time - at least by most. Not everyone is fortunate to have a job with an Internet connection and use the privilege that also can be used for private purposes. I am such a case. From the professional mechanic industry (in training). An industrial mechanic does not need internet because he works in a workshop or production facility and equipment repair or waiting. When I go to 9 hours of work finally come home waiting by the front work also my blog on me. Although I am pleased each day with the feeds to read, to check out the growing social web and to see how my blog and thrives, but, unfortunately, often lacking the time. Now and then it comes before you just feel is tired for the rest of the day just lounging. To keep the blog fresh so I have to force write articles on Blog and continue working. In the long run, this strategy may not go well, because if you force yourself to write his lyrics, at some point gets the zero-frame-setting and is free float inwardly against it. It often ends.

Baser overcome - No thanks!

When I get home from work my first job is usually to turn on the PC. While these boots, I make myself fresh, make me a coffee and look for food. Then first read feeds, Twitter be checked out and read countless news. Subsequently, the article ideas are implemented. If I have, however, do not feel like it, I'll leave it be. Obsessive blogging I no more lie. I've noticed the articles I write without pleasure are less qualitative. You're lucky, because I have published this, since I noticed soon enough. If I am really eager to write an article, then it goes around and the buttons start to glow a short time later.
Not only that the articles are written by forcing poor quality, even the wording of the sentences is suffering greatly. Likewise, we like to forget details that are important to the individual reader. And that will help rather go back than my blog.

Blogger with burnout syndrome

The burnout syndrome, everyone should be a household name. In most cases, people are indeed suffering from this disease that must be reachable and can never switch off. But sick as a blogger on the burnout syndrome? I say: It is possible. A blogger who has specialized in a subject, such as I have to be constantly using SEO and social media, up to date. This is achieved most consistently observed only when the Web and studied. It no longer sufficient if one is two hours a day in front of the computer. I myself spent several hours by the way, usually so five to six hours before the screen. This constant feeling that you have everything in the blog must be allowed to miss anything, leads to non-stop work and be available again on the waiver of the relaxation periods, which were the first two signs of the burnout syndrome.
One should be careful so that you enjoy the blog with caution and does not end in a kind of addiction. A blog can be so dangerous. He can shoot us out into the social and physical.

Rather once a week for years as a day for a week

Who wants his readers to do something good, should a long time regularly publish articles and do not have a lot of very short time. Not only that the work stressed out, but as it misses all his powder. While the Internet is in the development faster than any other media, but we should not forget that we have to report is not every day something like blog.
His knowledge and his entire right information could be published within a few days to be optimal for the number of visitors, but even for this short duration. I prefer to tie my readers once a week to my knowledge, but over a longer period than that I can show one week fantastic statistics, which are not really after this week but back in the cellar.


Running a blog can lead to burnout, but it need not and do not in most cases. Many bloggers value their free time they have and enjoy them too. After all, readers can sometimes wait a day or two until they can see the next great article. The blog that is done with intent, he does indeed still time, however, can be a good time.

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