Problems of using Flash| Flash and SEO problems| Problems affecting content by using of flash| Flash and search engine

1. The URL does not change with the content
   In my opinion is one of the main defects of Flash. How many times have you navigate to a site developed with this technology, see an interesting page and to want to link? There will definitely notice that the only thing possible is to indicate the URL of the home by providing instructions to the page you want: inconvenient and inefficient.

2. External links do not earn
This is a direct consequence of the first period, and a severe penalty. Whereas search engines are also based on external links to sort the results, make a Flash site means more than being able to place their homepage and nothing else.

3. The texts are often not formatted and sorted
Much depends on the person that made the Flash, the textual content but often do not respect the logical order they appear on the page. It is also difficult to find texts organized semantically, as is HTML.

4. The basic rules of SEO are often not followed
It is possible to create Flash animations and, following a few rules of thumb, try to index them properly. One suggestion would be to load the content via an external XML-formatted. In most cases, however, the developer does not know or do not follow these guidelines, making it impossible for the work of search engines.

5. Many are still not indexed Flash content
Also pay close attention to the creation of a Flash; you have no guarantees that your work will be indexed by search engines. A practical example about Google, which still can not index was that. Swf file included with SWFObject.

One of the best ways to use Flash is that for decorative purposes: to create animation and special effects can often only be done with this technology. It’s true that JavaScript has many surprises in this regard, but there's nothing wrong with using Flash for this.
It is important to keep in mind that Flash should never be used for the content of your pages. If you do not want to be penalized in the results, do not use it for text, titles, or navigation, even if you intend to provide an alternative text.

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