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FIFA series from EA Sports no longer needs an introduction, probably the most popular football game series in the world. Obviously, this does not mean that FIFA is the best game of this kind, often Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) proved to be superior, at least in certain respects.
Autumn this year will bring us a new version, dubbed simply FIFA 11 and, respectively, FIFA Soccer 11 U.S..Producers promise a series of important news, but unlike previous years this time might even be right in this regard.
Engine unified
First, because EA Sports has confirmed that the PC version of FIFA 11 will use the same engine as the versions for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hardcore fans of the series have asked so insistently in recent years because versions Console had a superior quality compared to the PC, and studio producer says it took two years of work to do as good a port. All three versions will have the same game play features and game modes.
Personality +
Turning to the convenience of FIFA 11, we must say that one of the major novelty is the Personality +. As the name suggests, EA Sports has decided to draw a sign of equality between the skills of a player in the game and its counterpart in reality. With other words, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo will have a greater efficacy of the implementation of free kicks and Spaniard David Villa goals will turn many of his shots at the gate. On the other hand, we must keep in mind that this feature will be available only for well-known players, because abilities implementation is not as easy as it might seem at first sight.

One of the chapters in which Pro Evolution Soccer has excelled over the years football has been accurate images. EA Sports is preparing a counteroffensive and promises but the faces of players will be much closer than in reality, benefit and animations in real time Depending on the stage: an acute pain after a foul, a small grimace when a head shot and, of course, the joy of a goal after marking.
FIFA 11 will also benefit from a new system called Pro Passing. Accuracy of passes will depend more on the skills of individual players and how to reach the ball will be more natural than ever before being disposed of in a kind of passing dubbed "ping pong" of discontent from previous versions.
Usually, FIFA games have been recognized either to score easy goals, or for extreme effectiveness of goalkeepers, which is not necessarily an advantage to anyone. New FIFA 11 does not adopt any of the two variants, goalkeepers having different abilities, such that the number of goals in a match will be more difficult to predict, which can only be beneficial for a game.
Other minor amendments relate to the playing surfaces available and tracks can be heard during matches.
These are just some of the improvements to the new FIFA 11; EA Sports will reveal more details as we approach the release date. And that all came about, to say that FIFA 11 will be available in stores from Europe with effect from 1 October on the PC platform, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and PSP. Also, there will be a mobile version of last generation.

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