30 Tips to improve our productivity of Bloggers

For those days not very productive, here are 30 Tips to improve your productivity as a Blogger.
  1. Plan content with pencil and paper.
  2. Spend some time each week to think of new ideas.
  3. Find an easy way to record the ideas that emerge.
  4. Use Write Room to be more productive when writing.
  5. Set limits on the time you spend writing.
  6. Always have on hand large amounts of information available on the topic you write.
  7. Be passionate in what you do.
  8. Write about something taking a broad view on the subject.
  9. Take all the time that you think need to rest from your work.
  10. Follows an ordered structure while writing (titles, captions, bold, etc).
  11. Ask your visitors what they like on your site.
  12. Make every part of the content you post has great value for most small.
  13. Never stop reading, to inform and learn from people in the know.
  14. Forget the number of words you write. Try using fewer words say more.
  15. Try to find out what time of day you're more productive and more inspired to write and take advantage.
  16. If you're not in a good time, do not push. Stop and try again later.
  17. Experience new resources to improve your writing.
  18. Give your mind a break by exercise; watch your diet and sleep well.
  19. Ask your readers tips and advice on particular situations.
  20. Write all your ideas absolutely no matter how silly they sound at first, surely you will find useful later.
  21. Redesign your list of "to do" as you achieve your goals and find new ones.
  22. Believe in what you say and write.
  23. Think lists.
  24. Always try to be creating and innovating (at least in your head).
  25. Trust what you have to say is important.
  26. Focus your writing niche (the theme of your blog) as a function of the tool Adwords keyword tool .
  27. Monitor what they are talking on blogs similar to yours.
  28. Add variety to your work.
  29. It is rude. If you do not feel good about what you write, delete it and start again.
  30. Be yourself.

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