Top 10 Most Amazing Places Of Our Planet

Hi Here I bring the 10 most incredible places on our planet ENJOY5b415a0a74765006f122f979f487f751 this 

The deepest blue hole in the Bahamas 
The Dean's Blue Hole (in English) is the deepest blue hole in the world with approximately 663 feet and is located in the bay west of Clarence Town, Long Island, Bahamas. 

A wave in the Arizona desert 

 The so-called "wave of the desert" is a rock formation shaped skillfully by the wind, so difficult to reach even those who travel to photograph, sometimes frustrated by not being able to return to find it. 

The stone forest in China 
It is estimated that the formations of Shilin are about 270 million years old. The rocks seem to sprout from the land, creating the illusion of a forest of stone. 

The enchanted island of Yemen 

The island of Socotra is an island of continental origin isolated in the world. Almost everything in Socotra, has evolved to the extent of the island, with its bizarre climate, landscape, tree species, and even animals have probably never even seen in pictures. 

Chocolate Hills, Philippines 

The hills of Bohol island, appear to be a monumental building made by man. However, they are completely natural. The hills look like chocolate in a chocolate cone, especially in winter when pastures that cover are completely dry, giving it its brown. 

The submerged forest of Patagonia 

Located 30 meters deep in the lake bed Traful, in Patagonia, the submerged forest recreates a fantasy landscape, capable of dazzling those who dare to dive between gigantic trees almost intact, as if you were flying in a landscape film. 

The lake of fire in Ethiopia 

In northeastern Ethiopia, a rare source of warmth and light emerging from the bowels of the earth: the lava lake of Erta Ale volcano. It is one of only four lakes of lava in the world. 

Japan's enchanted island 

Yakushima Island is covered by dense forest that covered by the extreme humidity, comes to recreating atmospheres explosive dense greenery, decorated by the strange shapes of branches and trees that grow disproportionately 

Bamboo forest in Japan 

Very near Kyoto, Japan, is a small forest of bamboo, which offers a delightful walk along a path, providing images of subtle beauty to the Japanese style. 

The desert town of strange creatures in South Africa 

In the Richtersveld desert, only to watch in detail everything around us to discover the most amazing creatures and plant forms and colors of the trees that store water in large "bladders" underground bulbs, colored to reflect the sun and up sticky hairs to trap sand and wind protection. 

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