Apple Ipod Touch 4G Review, Photos and Specifiacations

Without being free of controversy, Apple introduced the iPod Touch 4GThe new version of its popular media player. The team maintains the standards we set ourselves, although it has some flaws incomprehensible. When speaking of the devices Apple mobile, we always find good quality proposals. Although we never met a team that gives us shades (the positives are really excellent and are terribly negative criticism), we can not help thinking that we are dealing with innovative equipment and everyone would like at least try for a few minutes

The latest bet the company on the block is on the iPod Touch, the ultimate media player. The 4G version is the next generation of this device, and experience very interesting changes over their predecessors. But as noted in the opening paragraph, we find really high points and others that leave much to be desired.
In the section of design, Apple developers have implemented several changes to redial. The first point is in the housing that has been fitted with a metal area on the back. If it is really convenient to have it in hand, to any neglect we find an extreme sensitivity to scratches and other problems that can make a dent in the overall appearance of the equipment.
In the front is still very similar to iPhone 4, although the curvature of the edges is more pronounced than the mobile on the block. Its hold is actually very comfortable, and manipulation of the controls is really very simple. Maybe it's a little uncomfortable the new method of external locking the screen (found on the top of the case), but it's a small price to pay in this type of equipment.
If we talk purely technical details, the iPod Touch 4G chip is equipped with an A4. This means that maintains the same premise that the iPad power and the iPhone 4. As for the internal storage, we found three different versions: 8, 32 and 64 GB. One of the most critical steps taken by Apple was to cut the RAM to 256 MB, so that virtual memory is half compared to media player predecessors.
When it comes to the screen, we found a spectacular quality Retinal Display. Its 3.5 inch display is really great and amazing clarity. Remember also that it has greatly improved the pixilation of the images, and you really must be careful to find in some other application.

The main drawback is that the main display is not working in the same way that the iPhone 4. If you put both devices in hand and can see the screen from a tight angle, we realize that the view between both teams is far spectacularly, taking the iPod Touch 4G worst performances.
The multimedia section is still the most potent in this player and that is precisely its main function. This device is the inclusion of a dual chamber, because it has been fitted with FaceTime system to make video calls through a network of Internet wirelessly. However, very surprised the extremely low quality of the rear screen sensor which is not even one megapixel (is 0.69).
Truly, it is an unpleasant surprise, the truth is not understood why this shortcoming since the same sensor can record videos in high definition at 720p. It's really weird. Within the multimedia section, there is the inclusion of microphone used in video calls.
As for connectivity, Internet browsing via broadband is assured with support for Wi-Fi networksIt should be mentioned that also has Bluetooth 2.1 to transfer data to a computer or other portable devices that have the same technology.
To close the main body of this analysis we have to mention the battery life. According to the specifications provided by Apple, allows energy consumption over 40 hours of music playback and 7 with smooth playback of videos. Is a section more than good and far exceeds the features provided by the predecessor versions of the iPod Touch.


·      Size: 11.1 inches high by 5.89 wide and 0.72 thick.
·      Weight: 101 grams.
·      Display: Retina 3.5-inch multitouch display.
·      Operating System: IOS.
·      Storage: Versions 8, 32 and 64 GB.
·      RAM: 256 MB.
·      Processor: 1 GHz Chip A4
·      Multimedia: Dual camera (front and rear), FaceTime, audio and video playback, recording videos in high definition.
·      Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi Fi.
·      Battery: Autonomy of 40 hours and 7 music videos.

Positive aspects

The iPod Touch 4G is a great device, the best of all media players in the family. Stands (in general) for its comfort, good aesthetic design, very good screen and have many applications downloaded from the iTunes App Store.
The inclusion of FaceTime is well maintained, especially the ability to connect to Wi Fi Internet networksIt is also a really powerful device through iOS chip and the inclusion of A4, which also carry the iPhone 4 and the iPad.
Has a more than convincing overall performance and stands out as one of the best media players on the market.


As this device has many positive points, negative abound. The most important are: very poor quality of the camera, cut the RAM in half, a case very susceptible to scratching, low quality microphone for video calls and poor viewing angles the screen closed.
Finally, we can not fail to mention the price, which is very far from being accessible to the general public. The costs are 229 euros for the 8 GB edition, 299 for the 32 and 399 to 64.


 Beyond any negative point, the iPod Touch 4G is a great device. In any case, Apple would have to work on mobile devices that present a higher grayscale and not make us go from one extreme to the other constantly. We go from black to white (and vice versa) in all sections, and in the end do not know if that ends up being a good or bad.
Surely this player is a great sales success, especially because it bears the hallmark of iPod Touch and because fans of the apple mark only focus on the positive. But equally, the people at Apple would have to strive to provide quality in all aspects, since some were amazed by the spectacular and other impoverished as its presentation.


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