Top 10 Tips For Twitter Users 2011

1-Reduce URL
  One of the Most Common uses of Twitter is to share links (links). But Remember That You Must Have you only 140 characters available, so INSTEAD of sharing a long URL, use one of the Different URL shortening services to "shrink" the link, These Services Are Also Called "URL shortening." Some of These Have services:, , , Among Others.

2 - RT = Retweet
  If you want to copy and paste someone else's tweet, it is accepted and Appreciated well, as long as you Give Credit Where Credit are first tweeted. 

3-Direct messages
   With the direct message feature, known as DM (Direct Message), send a private message to 140 characters to another user, as a kind of short email. I note That You Can Only send direct messages to people you "follow."

4-Use the @
   To create a response or support someone on Twitter, just put an @ in front of His name on Twitter. If it is a defense, the @ Must Be the first character tweet. To see the replies to your own tweets, Click to Give @ Replies from your own profile page.

5-Find your friends works well to find your friends, celebrities or Organizations, or to find specific topics That Interest You.

6-Sorts tweets to Have More visibility
  If you upload to tweet of a popular theme (Lost World, Hollywood, etc), put a # in front of the subject will find it Easier Than Others, May and want to follow. For example, the football World Cup in SouthAfrica, # WorldCup Became a label and a popular search term.

7-Share images
   Their People love to share photos with the rest of the world, and some events make the news with Them, as Krums Janis, Who Used the service TwitPic to upload a picture of the pictures in the foreground of Flight 1549. Services allow users like TwitPic Easily to upload your photos and post Them Directly on Twitter. Previously we share the MOST popular services for sharing images on Twitter, you can see here.

8-Use the service on your phone
   Twitter lets you update the user's status and Receive updates via text messages. Under the "Settings" You Should go to the "Devices" tab and enter your phone number to begin sending and receiving mobile tweets. If the tweets / incoming texts Are Overwhelming, clear this option back to the Same panel and follow the instructions.

9-Choose a good desktop client
    With a Variety of desktop clients like TweetDeck , Twhirl and TwitterFox , you will Receive tweets in a much more manageable, Especially if you keep a lot of people, you remove Often answer Occupy and direct messages. For example, lets you TweetDeck Develop specific groups , if you divide your feed on individual columns.
10- Download Software if you have mobile
   If You Have a Blackberry, iPhone or smartphone Other Equipped with Wi-Fi or 3G access, a mobile client Might Be Better option to use text messaging. Among Some mobile customers are Twitter, Twitterific, TwitterBerry, and Twidroid PocketTweets.

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