The Platform For Creating a Website - Make Money With Website- Part 2

This article is part of a series of tips " How to Make Money With Blogs . " Check out all the articles in this series to learn how to make money online.
So you can make money with your blog , it needs to have the greatest possible amount of content that attracts visitors, so it is important to choose a platform that is easy to work, so we can spend the better part doing what it can bring results.Create content that is.
My choice here is the blogging platform WordPress which is considered by most professional bloggers as being the best platform and will be the platform that we will use during this series of tips.

But what is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system of free distribution, developed and maintained by a team of volunteers working on the development and improvement of the system.
It allows you to create professional blogs, which can be created inside the site or installed in appropriate web servers and can be managed via any Internet connected computer.
This is a very flexible platform that allows the addition of templates and installing plugins that add extra features to the blog, like polls, generating statistics, ad management among many other plugins and can even be transformed into the classified system , store virtual discussion forum and etc. (May require some advanced knowledge about WordPress, plugin installation, edit the template, PHP, etc...)
The administration of the blog is done through an online control panel where you can configure the way WordPress works, edit or create new pages, add or change the template and add new plugins with a few mouse clicks and so on.
You can create your blog directly on servers or download and install the platform on an external server by requesting , which will be used for the purpose of this series.
If you do not know how to install WordPress, you can check out this video lessonwhere I teach step by step on how to proceed with the installation.
Note that before you can install WordPress, you must have a host that provides the necessary resources. I recommend you read the next article in this series "Choose the domain and hosting the blog."
Check out all the articles published in this series.

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