Apple Develops Its Own Technology And Holographic 3D Screen

Apple keeps improving day by day, as a company is one of the best in the world and as a developer of technology also appears that Apple has patented an innovative technology capable of projecting 3D images and video and even projecting holograms and best of all that this technology does not require special glasses, Apple certainly does not take a break, and always has something new, something new for us, so we must be ready for this technology will be implemented in TVs , laptops, and perhaps some new Apple gadget .
The system is based on a special screen with domes microscopic size of a pixel, which transmits images taken from different angles in the right eye and left tabs of the viewer. This creates a stereoscopic image, interpreted by the brain as three-dimensional.
This advance would allow multiple viewers to enjoy this effect and would also like the holographic figures. This would be realized through the ability to adjust images according to the movements of the eyes of the beholder.
According to information from the patent, the invention can project a three dimensional image for the viewer, re-creating an experience that would like to move around virtual objects presented from various sides and angles.
While 3D television and movies are gaining popularity dimensional, the technology that underpins the producers of special equipment usually requires viewers to wear glasses that create a stereoscopic effect. For its part, the Cupertino Company could OFEC a solution to avoid the need for glasses, and also provide a basis for holographic films. However, the production of such films requires new recording techniques, focusing on actors of different angles.
But in the near future, computer users would get a chance to see the objects on display everywhere. The user need only make a small movement, and the effect of 'holographic acceleration' will make the object move faster than the viewer and allow you to take a look at 'behind'.
According to the expert says Leander Kahney, the technology patented by Apple gets rid of the glasses, which is the main problem of 3D products. In addition to the three-dimensional films, the system of the Cupertino company could find its application in science, design, education, and games, says the expert, adding that the iPhone and iPad 3D would be truly revolutionary.

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