Tips To Increase Writing Productivity

Writing is not easy. It is necessary to meet various requirements such as good writing, purpose, grammar, structure, and many other components that help us make our text content is perceived as valuable by our visitors and / or subscribers.
Many people and bloggers write slowly, it takes several hours to achieve complete a concise and informative article. Some argue that they do not know what to write, they are very difficult to write or that it is difficult to sort the article to make it more understandable.
There are also other people, which look like machines at the time of writing content. They have an idea in a few minutes and have written and published an article on his blog. Although it is clear that these people have a gift or a special talent when you put your fingers on the keyboard, it is possible that we all succeed improve our typing speed.
Before giving the advice, I would like to clarify something I consider important. Many people believe that writing fast is synonymous with creating products of low quality. This in my opinion is not true, if you always take care of the content we offer and apply the advice they give you then you can seamlessly combine productivity and quality in creating content for your blog.
Let’s get started. You can also check this article if u need more tips.

10 tips for writing a effective article for blog or website

Choose A Topic

To avoid blocking famous when confronted with the blank document, it is best to choose a theme before you start writing. This not only gives you the right mindset, it also helps you stay more focused (a) and focused (a).
Sometimes not only is the lack of ideas that is blockading us, also have many ideas is a problem when writing. Saturate and we ended up writing an article that tried to say a lot but end up not saying anything.
My biggest recommendation is to focus on one issue. If you come up several ideas, write them down and leave for another article. By doing this, you will have much more focus and have a more direct writing, which increases productivity.

Taking Notes

Once you have defined the topic, good thing you can do is take notes and gather information before writing your article. Write in a text document the main ideas and concepts of the subject, if necessary, you can also go to Google and search for information that facilitates the writing of the content.
Simply fill in key concepts and short, which at the time of writing will help you be in much better attuned to the information that is arising in your mind and moving the document in your computer.
Having this information and notes also saves much time and speeds up your typing speed.

Establishes a structure

Many people like to think that writing should be free and improvising as it develops the content.
I respect this opinion, but if you want to increase your productivity at time of writing, it is best to define a structure before starting it.
You can use:
  •   Stories
  • Article Q & A
  • Articles of advice or reasons like this. Example: 5 tips for better sleep or 3 reasons why you should use Google
  • Articles based on numbered lists or bullet points
  •   Articles by combining any of the above

There should be formal, just keep in mind the structure which will be using so you going to write much faster and with fewer complications.

Eliminate Distractions

The Internet has many distractions that can take away our productivity in a big way. Social Networks, E-mail, Twitter, IM or any other Website can take away a lot of speed and lengthen the time it takes us to finish writing an article. When you begin, close any window that can distract you, turn off your cell phone and all notices of Facebook, Twitter or your cell phone. It is obvious that by doing this, you will be much more focused and write faster.
To conclude this article, one last tip: start and write. Instead of both thinking and thinking, simply login to your computer and start writing strategies helping I just shared with you. Remember that taking action is a crucial step to make things happen.
I send a greeting and I hope that this information has been useful and valuable.

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