Analysis of Acer Aspire 5738, amazing photos and videos

Acer makes his first bet on 3D computer market by presenting a laptop that stands out too much in their characteristics but they allow three-dimensional system to bring the home environment. Today we live in a 3D invasionThe three-dimensional technology is being applied ad nauseam in many aspects of entertainment. Today, when we go to a movie theater is very common that we find a lot of proposals that are betting on three-dimensional system, and the same is happening with televisions, game consoles and to a lesser extent, laptops.

Especially in this note we pastramis on the latter, putting the focus on the new 3D notebook Acer has introduced to the marketWe are talking about the Aspire 5738, a computer that does not stand out too much about their technical characteristics, but by the application of technology in three dimensions on your screen.
We are facing a team that meets the basic requirements of operation and is intended for personal entertainment, at a time when three-dimensional multimedia content is emerging as the new technological fashionIt is a basic proposal, but can be very interesting for those who wish to add a more dramatic to home electronics devices.
This new Acer computer is fairly simple. At first glance it seems quite outdated, especially as has traits that are consistent too with the features implemented in current notebooks. From the design we can see that maintains lines of "yesteryear" with a dominant aesthetic in which the edges are rounded with a thick shell. The Aspire 5738 is very comfortable to use, especially the layout of your keyboard. It calls for greater space for the mouse pad as the dimensions are quite small. For its part, the display meets the basic requirements and is 15.6 inches which is intended only for the individual display of contents in three dimensions.

From the merely technical, was the introduction of TriDef technology for 3D display that comes accompanied by graphics board ATI Radeon HD 4570Remember also that has a 500 GB hard drive, a 4 GB RAM and a processor 2.1 GHz Intel Pentium T4300. As you see, is not wasted specifications innovation. As the operating system, the computer comes equipped with Windows 7 at its 64-bit version.
In terms of in connectors, this computer has USB ports (four), Bluetooth, support for wireless Internet networks(Wi Fi) and an HDMI output to connect to a home device such as a HD DVD player, Blu-ray or HDTV.
There is no doubt that these specifications it is striking that the new computer from Acer is the ability to view 3D content using any pair of glasses that have tinted windows (including two with the purchase of computer), without depend on special glasses like those used in the film.
To close the main body of this analysis, it is noteworthy that the Aspire 5738 has a six-cell battery that gives too much autonomy. There are only 4 hours using the energy saving mode and two hours in the case of multimedia content being displayed.

·      Size: 38.2 inches long, 25 meters wide and 2.6 thick.
·      Weight: 2.8 kg.
·      Display: 15.6 inches.
·      Operating system: Windows 7 Home 64-bit.
·      Processor: Intel Pentium T4300 2.1 GHz
·      Storage: 500 GB HDD.
·      RAM: 4 GB.
·      Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4570 with support for displaying content TriDef in three dimensions.
·      Connectivity: Support for Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 4 USB ports and HDMI output.
·      Battery: 6-cell autonomy of 4 hours in energy savings and 2 in full use.


Positive aspects

There is no doubt that 3D notebooks will be the new trend in the coming months. The extensive introduction of three-dimensional technology to the world of cinema and video games is booming, but there is still enough for these devices affordable to the general public.
These are notable in this team for the excellent performance of the ATI Radeon graphics card and support for TriDef. Moreover, it is very basic characteristics have already been exceeded by other computers (even from the same brand). It has a very good section on connectors and is very comfortable for general use.


The Acer Aspire 5738 is a basic but powerful computer. There is no doubt that its main attraction is in support for playing content in three dimensions. However, this feature is not enough to cover some aspects that have been left to chance.
In addition, there will be the first choice for those who just want to have a laptop equipped with good technical specifications. Other brands offer far superior equipment at a price more attractive.
And speaking of price, this team is quite unavailable to the general public as it has a value of well over 700 euros. Pay such sum to enjoy three-dimensional system only looks unattractive, and cost is only suitable for very deep pockets.



The home systems play files in three dimensions are only at an early stage of development and promotion. The mass has not yet reached its maximum expression, and the first teams to go to market 3D have the difficult mission to pave the way for his predecessors.
The new Acer computer has this uncomfortable burden: to demonstrate that is possible the playback of content in three dimensions in a personal environment. The rest of the team does not stand out too much just because the focus of attention is put on him, because what interests the potential users is whether it really worth buying a machine with three-dimensional system.
It is unlikely that the Aspire 5738 has a massive success in the market, though its successors and be seen with new eyes by potential buyers.


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