How to register new sites in search engines like Google and Yahoo

The search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo, in most cases are the best source of hits that a site can have.
Sites that are already well positioned, can receive hundreds or even thousands of hits every day.
For that to happen, the first step is to get the site recognized by search engines and start earning placement. This can be done in two ways.

Getting a link
The best way is by getting a link on a site that is already indexed in search engines, so when the index of leading search engines going through the site to register the new content, they will find your link and will also index your site .
This is the quickest solution to have a site indexed, but we understand that getting a link on a site that already has a good positioning is not easy, nobody wants to point a link to a free site that is starting, especially if the content is weak or scanty (which happens with most new sites).
So the best solution would be to submit your site to directories of Websites .

Registration Manual
The other is manually registering your website in major search engines
 Before you submit your site, I recommend you do a search for the address of your site in search engines to make sure that your site does not appear in the results.
Note that even if your site is recognized by search engines, does not mean he'll appear in good positions. It is necessary that the site has good content and it is well optimized .

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