How To Choose Computer Parts Your Own ?

Today we bring you a very useful article for people who want to start your customized computer and do not want to depend on anyone for that purpose. Many people believe that the only requirement for installation of a computer is to know how to assemble the parts, however, do not take into account the most important: knowing how to choose.

Knowing how to select the components of a computer is to select components compatible with each other to provide us with a good performance. For example, some people decide to buy a next-generation i7 processor and an 80 GB hard drive 5 years ago, is unthinkable.
The first fact to consider is the compatibility of the processor to the motherboardWhen we look for these two components, we should look to use the same socket (slot where you insert the processor) and a compatible frequencySocket normally used is related to the processor brand (besides age). An Intel typically uses a different one AMD Socket. We must also look at the type of sink that varies depending on the motherboard and Socket.

Another important component is the RAMTheir support depends on their generation (DDR, DDR2, DDR3,) and their frequency, so we know the specifics of the motherboard. Something to keep in mind is that if we introduce a DDR3 RAM running at 1333MHz frequency, and operating at 1000MHz DDR3 frequency, lower your upper memory performance and reach to 1000MHz for compatibility.

The next important component is the power supplyThis part is the source of 50% of problems on a PC. Failure to provide sufficient power manifest mainly two symptoms: constant crashes on the computer just will not leave the computer on. To avoid problems, you can buy a source that provides power to spare in order to expand our team in the future.
The components are usually compatible with the devices of the same period, ie, a plate of 2009 will normally accept a graph of 2009. However, the list can see some details:

- Graphics Card : Look compatibility plate technology (DDR2, DDR3, DDR5, AGP, PCI, ...).
- Hard disk : Note type of connection you use (Sata, IDE, ...).
- Readers and writers : same requirements as above.
- Fans : To compare the diameter of the holes of the box.
- Box : The type depends on the type of computer you want to ride.

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