Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Page Rank

The Backlinks are not everything.
When it comes to PageRank for many the answer is simple, get many good links. The truth is that this is very true, but putting it into practice is often more difficult than it seems. That is why I decided to make a small list of what to me are five important tips out the obvious that is trying to get good links that can also help improve PageRank.

1. Factor "Freshness"
Not only is it necessary to write unique and original content to achieve good results in Google, after many tests I noticed that the higher the refresh rate of my site visits were obtained. No matter if my PageRank was low or if I got new links, visitors from Google rose quickly when he managed to keep a good pace of updates. I realized then that the search algorithm must surely be an important factor in the fact the "freshness" of a site at the time of placing the results, and so it was. The pages that are updated daily have higher value for the form that the leading months with the same static content, and many are likely to search a site with lower PageRank better position than others with a more just because of being constantly updated This leads me to believe that long-term increase ours.

2. Dale food in hand with a simple index Googlebot
This is one of the things I do not understand Google, they say, "Do not make your pages to the form but to the people you visit" and then to achieve good position we are asked to believe a specific file for your form to any average rider would be able to read and understand, the famous "Sitemap". The truth is that it is necessary to make a complicated Sitemap for ranking well on Google and to achieve our internal pages indexed better. Simply do a simple index your pages, a simple list that shows a link to each and every one of your pages and stored in a simple html that could be called "index.html" and link from the home of your site. Not only you will be following the first rule of Google to create something useful for your visitors but actually I think it gives better results than a true Sitemap. What is certain however is to do an index Sitemaps or a normal html, the results improve dramatically, so get to work.

3. Make good use of the label "title"
Usually it is a label that many stopped giving importance for some time, perhaps because it is outside of design and is not much, or who knows why, in recent years the tendency to stop using Meta tags "description" and "keyboards" it also seems to have been the proper use of "title." The truth is that this should not be so, been proven that Google gives great importance to this label, so as to "h1" and "h2" and labels "strong" and "b" (although some will be put of agreement on which is better). Test and experiment by changing the label "title" putting in it a special title for each page and tending the use of keywords, you'll soon notice big changes at the traffic.

4. Nothing broken links
Broken links are very common in distracted Webmasters make changes here and there and then forget to update the links. This problem not only makes you lose visitors, but that hurts your face image to the Google PageRank. You know, take a look and making sure everything runs well.

5. Quality Hosting
This factor is also very important not only because it can make you lose users with little patience but also because Google gives much value to the response time of your server, i.e. the speed at which it responds to your requests, a slow server and of poor quality is likely to limit your growth.

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