Travel through the human body via Google Body

A couple of years ago, we enjoyed traveling the world for digital without moving from our computers. Is that Google Earth was and is a completely innovative and creative now bring us something even better.
This is Google Body, an online application through which you travel, explore and discover the beauty and complexity of the human body in a 3D interface very easy to navigate and quite surprising.
Body Google allows us to explore the body systems, organs, skin, bone structure, etc, with the possibility to do so through capable for greater accuracy, with an interactive and fun way to discover the human body.
Built with WebGL technology, Google Body does not require any special plugins installed, you just need a browser that supports their requirements.
Still in testing phase, Google Browser Body only works in browsers with support for WebGL, so it can only be used from Firefox 4 beta or the latest beta of Google Chrome, with a counter for most users.

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