50 Amazing Tips for Blogger and Wordpress


1. Manage the label "nofollow" 
2. Thank commentators automatically to new 
3. Add rotating banner in the sidebar 
4. Add button "Print"
5. Add live chat
6. Successfully change the permalinks
7. Template Change Log
8. Close comments on old posts
9. Combating spam
10. Condition-by fee-read articles and pages
11. Set Number of posts shown
12. Convert text entries in png images
13. Create permanent posts
14. Create your own translations WP
15. Edit the code from the Manager
16. Enriches the manager comments
17. Caching functionality for the blog
18. Automatic generator templates
19. Generate automatic links in entries
20. Technorati incorporate inbound links to the Administrator
21. Include advertisements and links in the feed
22. Include the title of the last post of each commentator
23. Include small posts in the sidebar
24. Include videos
25. Insert Adsense just below the first post
26. Local installation of WP
27. Install new themes
28. Installing plugins
29. Integrate Google search
30. Integrate Flickr
31. Integrate Gravatar
32. Integrate Twitter
33. Limit links in comments
34. List of plant maintenance
35. Migrating to Feedburner feed
36. Show scheduled alerts
37. Show various statistics information in the sidebar
38. Show number of comments and trackbacks in the feed
39. Provide specialized staff for consultation on mobile phones
40. Optimize SEO work
41. 'Pages' blog content
42. Put links in comments
43. Test subjects without affecting the original online
44. Protection against ' hot linking '
45. Securing Login Management
46. Protect the installation
47. Erroneous automatic page redirection
48. Highlight the first post
49. The fault of the automatic loading of theme default
50. Top plugins without using FTP

Tricks For BLOGGER: 
1. Add icon rss feed to labels
2. Add the "Continue reading"
3. Enlarge the image when pointer moves
4. Add floating in the template image
5. Add social networking to blog
6. Add a chat in the sidebar
7. Single button on each entry to social bookmarks
8. Control the number of labels in the sidebar
9. Create a tag
10. Effect by passing the pointer over the links
11. Effect 'transparent' to the images
12. Remove the edge images
13. Remove the Blogger bar
14. Delete the numbering on the labels
15. Link to related article
16. Link "Add to Favorites"
17. Expand / Collapse post
18. Date style WP posts
19. Blog as a background image
20. Image in the sidebar to work as liaison
21. Image to be redirected to a site
22. Shelters include text entries
23. Include sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools
24. Include an internal search engine
25. Include a banner with shadow
26. Insert a video
27. Insert translation widget
28. Integrating the script Share This (Share)
29. The first letter bigger than the other
30. Edit the header -header-
31. Show links as tabs
32. Show only the title entries
33. Hide date entries
34. Offer banner code blog
35. Email subscription offer
36. Optimizing blog titles
37. Enable the tracking of comments
38. Customize the comments form
39. Customize your subscription to the feed
40. Put a favicon in the URL
41. Put a frame to the blog
42. Receive notification of new comments on email
43. Highlight words in text
44. Sidebar different for main page and individual pages
45. Rating System for entries
46. Replace with different aspects icons template
47. Replace icons navigation links
48. Transform signs emoticons
49. Use your own domain
50. Using pictures instead of labels 

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