Top 10 shortcuts and tricks for your web browsing [The best of 2010]

Now There is only a few hours to remaining to finish the 2010 and it is inevitable to recall the best of the year. With the various releases that occurred as well as during conflict highlights, there are always little tips to correct those details that bother us, make our lives easier virtual or exceed all limits are absurd.
So, here in our blog i prepare a selection of the ten most interesting shortcuts and tricks to apply while you are out on the Web, along with those classics that can not be missing from the list. So prepare the menu of bookmarks or favorites in their respective browser, and follow me:

 §      Watch videos without installing Flash: this year we discovered that Apple hates Flash, but that HTML5 can become a good alternative to several pluginsWhether by necessity or curiosity, we have the ability to convert any video to OGG format through TinyOgg, and then open it in a browser that supports it. Simply paste the URL in its home page or, make a click the bookmarklet.

 §                  Export contacts from Facebook, the social network that dominates the world, was also embroiled in controversies over the 2010. Both Twitter and Google were constrained to import address books, for the constant updating of information are very useful for use with other services. But there's always a trick and, in this case, is to use Yahoo as an intermediary.

 §           Keyboard shortcuts for the new Twitter: I think I told you several times that I love the new interface of the network of micro bloggingOne of the most useful additions is the keyboard shortcuts, where the best is to press g then u to open a window that allows you to access a user profile. Includes auto while writing his name, which is more convenient to enter the URL or opening paragraph Followed.

 §          Download YouTube videos easily: there is a lot of applications to achieve this goal, as the famous YouTube Catcher .However, if we do so quickly, we can resort to Save YouTube , whose use is as simple as adding the word save any address in the video portal. For example, becomes UFnXcvfbxb . A well-known alternative is 3outube, but I encountered errors when using it.

 §         Move and resize elements generated by pluginsa few days ago, Juan Jesus told them how to change the size of YouTube videos. Here we go a step further, enlarging or moving any content based on Flash and Silver light supplements or label of HTML5. This is achieved by FlashResizer, a bookmarklet useful for online games, such as those found on Facebook.

§         Prepare pages web to print: if we take care of the planet, saving paper and ink, it is best to think twice if you really need to print certain document. In case you have no choice, PrintWhatYouLike helps us achieve some savings, removing images, formats and even banks to use as few sheets as possible, or even by combining fragments from different pages in a single print. As always uses the original font, if you are interested to customize the visual style, then you can use the popular Readability.

§         Use Windows Live Web Messenger independently: Microsoft did a great job with the wave 4 of its Windows Live, among which highlights the new version of messenger web . Although it is integrated into most of the services online, there's a trick to load in full screen without launching other tools through . My advice? Add it to your bookmarks.

§         Google Reader antisocial : in February, saw the birth of Google Buzz , loved by some and ignored by others. Since that time, took more relevant profiles and services and the reader of feeds incorporated social functions. But if you do not give no practical use to them, you can delete with just entering a Reader and then type javascript: antisocial ('true') in the address bar. How do I enable them again? Simple: javascript: antisocial ('false') .

§         Share links with friends: we are not always anti-social. There are times in which we send links to your contacts or even recommend them publicly. My favorite tool for this is AddThis because, in addition to a huge database of sites, the list is rearranged automatically according to the activities that we made. There are also plugins for integer in a number of content managers.

§         Inspect items site web : if developers certainly know Firebug , the Firefox utility to analyze the pages at runtime. Although other browsers and included similar proposals, the fans have Firebug LiteIs a bookmarklet lightweight that has some limitations (such as network monitoring), but avoids the need to install extensions.

So here i said my opinion, but as usual I would like to know your opinion, what shortcuts and tricks would add to this list? I invite you to mention in the comments.

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