Top 10 Topics To get More Traffic To Your Blog

After experimenting for a long time with blogging and Google I have come to the conclusion that there are certain types of items that will always bring traffic to our site. Many types of posts can bring visitors, but only few ALWAYS work.
Below will detail one by one the 10 types of posts always give me a result, are usually simple and short articles that have long pre-production.

  1. Lyrics
    Almost every known letter may work, but to achieve optimal results we recommend working with the letters that are happening right now on the radio, are at the top of the charts or just went on sale. The so-called "cut circulation" or "simple" anticipating new releases always bring good results.
  2. Important Dates / Events
    The trick with these types of posts is to anticipate a week and a half more or less at the date on which we write. We would suffice to look at the calendar, find the next major events and write short articles about them. We can do it for countries to achieve a better result. There are always people looking for information on these important dates, out of curiosity or for work on school / college.
  3. Collections of sentences
    Basically consists of looking statements about various issues and build rankings in the top ten phrases each. Without much effort you can create hundreds of posts I can assure you that will leave a lot of hits even waste much time after publication.
  4. Free and useful software
    In this case the software work very well to help remove malicious software, the whole world is fighting with the computer to remove these hateful windows that open by themselves, or which do not seek. Reviews on this type of software, with a simple description, a link for download and a couple of important keywords we ensure a good result.
  5. Guides "How to"
    Always work. Research on simple tasks that you want to know how to do but despite its simplicity does not have the necessary information. From recipes, to trick Windows to seduction tips.
  6. CDs Reviews
    Idem "Lyrics." Look for new releases fresh from sale, wrote a little question, where to get a little of the artist, artwork and ready. The new disk names are repeated ad nauseam on radio, newspapers and television channels; people have very fresh in the head and often seek information about them.
  7. Movie Reviews
    Item "CDs Reviews or movie details and song reviews are needed."
  8. Horoscope of the month
    incredible results. Always, always work. I do not understand very well how that even many people are are interested in it when you know that there's nothing true and in newspapers and magazines that section is written by beginners who are just starting.
  9. Showbiz scandal
    A classic of the blogosphere, but always effective. Find and read about the past messes and controversial world of entertainment and give your opinion. If you talk of naked celebrities, sex and drugs is assured victory.
  10. "Who was it?"
    Cash and waste a lot of visitors over time. Find celebrities and not so small writes biographies, short and simple, give a good title ("Who was Joan of Arc?") And go. There will always be people looking for information on great figures of history. Your post must be between these results.

I challenge you to do the test, do these 10 posts on their blogs and after one or two weeks (how long it takes Google to index them) and see for yourself the results. I assure you will be surprised to realize how easy it can be to generate traffic using this simple guide.

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