How To Make Money With Websites- Part 1

Many people have heard of the possibility of Making Money by creating websites and blogs in newspapers, magazines, television and even on the internet, but only a small portion know how it really works and that portion, only a very small quantity can actually win something.
I am one of those people who have attained this goal and according to my experience over these years, I can guarantee that it is perfectly possible to make money with a website / blog, however is not something that anyone can do.
I say this not because of need some high level of knowledge or intelligence, but because most people want something easy to do and are willing to sacrifice their time having to study for hours and hours about how the whole installation process and preparation of the blog, customizing the appearance, content creation, distribution, monetization of the blog, besides having to wait until the work begins to bear fruit, which in most cases, only begin to appear after 6 months to 1 year.
So I decided to create this series of tips where I will spend several tips for you to create your blog using the Professional WordPress , with a hosting and domain itself , clean design, tips for creating compelling content, tips from disclosure, monetization tips Among other tips that you may find useful.
But before you venture out on this virtual journey, I recommend you consider the following questions:
1 - Are you willing to have to study about all the skills necessary to create a blog and make it generate money?
2 -Are you willing / can invest somewhere around $ 10 ~ 20 a month on the structure of the blog?
3 -Are you willing to continue investing and working on the blog for a long time, even though the blog is not generating anything?
If you answered yes to all three questions above, you can start taking the first steps toward creating your professional blog and earn money with it.
You can check all the articles to be published in this series.

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