Amazing Hi5 Tips For Hackers

For all those addicted to social networks and especially to hi5 and wish to know some tricks to hi5, here are a small selection of hi5 tricks that they can use while surfing and administrator profiles and templates hi5.


How to change your email address

·         Log into your account hi5 your current email address and password.
·         Once logged in, click “Account "at the top right of any hi5 page.
·         The site features include the option to change your email address. For security reasons, we ask for your password to change your email address.
·         The new e-mail address must be new in hi5 (should not have been recorded before in hi5).
·         Be sure to click on “Save "at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


How to know when your friend request rejected

It's simple people to whom you send friend request to accept you should appear in your friends list do not appear otherwise, but as many users do not check your list or simply do not visit your hi5 account invitations expire after friends 60 days.


How to put a slide show to display your photos

·         Come to this page:
·         Upload all your photos, one by one and also gives you the option to be able to upload several at once.
·         Once you've uploaded all (if you miss one do not worry you then you can change, including also the effects), you can choose an effect of how you want to display your photos, as well as put background color, erase the title of the photo, etc.
·         You give to click "Record" and ready! if you want but you register or give him "Continue without registering", (that if, if you sign up, then you can not edit your slide) ... then gives you a promotional code which tells you what wilt as (logically should follow the steps to hi5).

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