Top 10 Christmas Text Message For Friends

First Of All Merry Christmas to all my dear Friends and Readers. This is the moment to Enjoy. SO people just enjoy these days as much as possible. In this time i can give you 10 amazing text messages to send to your friends and relatives on this christmas days. I hope you enjoy this.
1. I Was Told That an angel escaped from heaven, quiet But I Will Not Tell Anyone Where You Are!, So keep secret, I Love You Happy Holiday.

2. If you wander the world seeking the spirit of Christmas, you will not see. The Christmas is in your heart. Merry Christmas!

3. I am an alien who has been trapped in your phone. Keys that are playing are my balls and the face that you seem that you're enjoying. ha-ha

4. I wish with all my heart That You Have a happy new year with this encrypted message (Flip the phone to Understand): 477Od V7, 3WVdnX.

5. So we advance in life: First you believe in Santa Claus, Then You Do Not believes in Santa Claus, and the final one is Santa Claus.

6. Congratulations, you have been selected to pull the sleigh of Santa Claus this Christmas Eve. In a short time an elf will go through your home to measure your horns. Merry Christmas!

7. CHRISTMAS If your heart is a little more love, it's ChristmasIf you can forgive those who offend you, it's ChristmasIf you seek God's truth, it is ChristmasIf you work for justice among men, it is ChristmasIf you know suffering with love, it's ChristmasIf you give a hand to the fallen, it is Christmas. Christmas is, in short, when we do any work of mercy, dry a tear, give away a smile, soothe pain, and relax a shame to go through life without thorns planting flowers in a word: Christmas is love, love always. Christmas is God, and God is love!

8. Police are seeking a person beautiful, sexy, charismatic and incredibly good in bed. You, of course you're safe. But I Do "Where I hide? Happy Year

9. May the Child Jesus, with His infinite love and goodness, light your home, and will fill you with joy and blessings! ... Love, Peace and much happiness be upon you

10. May this New Year find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need. And What You CAN NOT find find it in Google!

Now the time for you comes. You can share text messages and your opinion on this in comments. Do share messages that can be send in these days. Let me see that.

                                           Merry Christmas To All

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