Things That Should Be Known Before Editing Registry

What is the registry?
The Windows Registry is a centralized database that stores settings and options of the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences of the PC. The Registry Editor is used to add and edit registry keys and values, to restore a backup or default values, and to import or export keys for reference or backup.
Editor can be accessed by typing in Start-REGEDIT or from the command line, but no amendment is recommended for those who are not familiar with its useless because you can leave your operating system.
Below include a number of tricks and procedures you might be very useful, but we recommend their implementation with caution and always make a backup before making any changes.

Advice before making any changes to the registry.

How to backup Windows registry?
Home, Regedit. Once you open the program, click on the Registry menu and give to export log file giving it a file name. Another option is for XP by clicking the Start button and giving the option to run, and type scanregw.exe , a program that will check the registry and then give us the option to do a backup that can restore from the command prompt outside of Windows by typing scanreg.exe / restore .

Restore the registry for errors.
Start the computer. When you see the message Please select the operating system with which to start, press F8. Use the arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER. Use the arrow keys to highlight an operating system, and then press ENTER.

Default settings of the registry values.
In Windows XP, there is a branch. DEFAULT key under HKEY_USERSregistry that includes the default values assigned for each new user profile This branch is useful not only to define the settings for new users of the system, but can be used to obtain the default value for a particular setting that has been modified. If for example the value "UserPreferencesMask" branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop is an incorrect setting, bearing in mind that it is a binary value whose data is not necessarily easy to interpret, simply navigate to the branch HKEY_USERS \. DEFAULT \ Control Panel \ Desktop and get the default setting for that value to update the value of our active profile.

Edit the registry keys

The secret to safely edit the registry is to learn to export the keys.Once you've found a setting you want to edit and you decide, be sure to export the selected branch in File> Export, enter a name and verify that the type is: log files *. reg . The advantage of the extension. reg is apply it by double clicking the saved configuration. You can examine it in the agenda note: right click and choose Open With or edit.
This included a series of keys that are to be included directly in the registry according to your needs. You can do this in two ways:
The first is to open the registry editor Start> REGEDIT and navigate to the specified key, give two clicks and modified the value.
The other way is to create an executable file by copying the data into a text file that can be done with notepad and saving it with the extension. reg and then you just have to make two clicks.

Permissions to edit the registry

To make changes to the Windows registry must log in as administrator, if you have the necessary permit test the following option:
Stand on the key to change, click the right mouse button and select from the menu that appears PermitsClick Advanced> Owner, select your name and check the box Replace owner on sub-containers and objects and click OKNow in the previous window select your name and check the box Allow Full Control OKThat is all.

If you like it (like me) to change the default settings of your operating system and you dare to experiment on your own by modifying registry values in the following link are the essential knowledge you possess.

And modified registry keys added by the virus often are

Whether in the fields:
"HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \"or at:
"HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \"
The following keys are added:
Policies \ Explorer \ NoFolderOptions (to not display the folder options)
Policies \ System \ DisableRegistryTools (in order to disable logging)
Explorer \ Advanced \ ShowSuperHidden (to not show system files)
In all "0" is zero and the value "1" set. If you're in the record can be set to "0" or remove them without fear.
Another key is 
"HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ Shell" in which the value has to be just "explorer.exe"

How to create scripts or reg files to add information to record

The easiest, simplest and fastest way to change the registration information to either add, change or delete the same key values is to create a script or reg file, this is but a small text file created with notepad notes and saved with the. reg file, you must have the header:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 , would be (an example) as follows:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell \ command]
To give you two click and accept the confirmation window that appears, or merge the information is added to the registry.
That way you avoid having to open the editor and manually change the keys so you can make your own script with the codes that appear in the pages of this section.

Create your first script or reg file

Create your first script or reg file with the following code that lets you create a button on the mouse context menu to access the Registry Editor.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell \ Open REGEDIT]
@ = "Open REGEDIT"
"Icon" = "C: \ Windows \ \ regedit.exe"

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell \ open regedit \ command]
@ = "C: \ Windows \ \ regedit.exe"

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