Choosing Domain Hosting and Domain name - Make Money With Blogs- Part-3

This article is part of a series of tips " How to Make Money With Blogs . " Check out all the articles in this series to learn how to make money online.
The domain and hosting of the blog can have a major impact on growth and development of the blog, so are things that should be well thought out and planned. Check out my tips about this subject.  


Domains (also called URL or web address) that contain keywords related to the subject of the blog tend to get better positions in search engines, this is because search engines recognize these keywords in the URL and also because we usually write the name of the blog (which are normally present in the field) in several places, as in the title, footer, and even within the posts.

The domain of this site is and I use the words "Creating Sites" where I quote my post on some site. This ends up indicating the major search engines which words create and Sites are two important words in the context of my site.
It is clear that the field can help, but will not guarantee that your site is well positioned in search results; there are actually hundreds of criteria that are taken into consideration.  

Which Extension should i buy?
The domain extension is not relevant to the searchers, that is, you can achieve the same position having a domain. Com,.,. Net or. Info.
But on the plus side aesthetic / practical you should think a little, since people are not accustomed to think of domains with extensions like. Org or. Info and could miss if they were to enter your blog address bar browser address.
On the other hand, we understand that the good areas and easy to remember are increasingly scarce and sometimes we find ourselves in positions where the best alternative would be even one of the generic type. Info,. Biz,. Org,. Ws ,. me and so on. 

Shared Hosting is also another type of hosting. You can read about it in my article
                  What is Shared Hosting?

Where to buy your domain ?
If you have some knowledge about internet and make sure that it will be able to configure the domain so that it works with your hosting (not that hard, but some people have difficulties), you can purchase your domain on websites selling domains as UOL Domain or Godaddy .
If you do not want to worry about the settings, you can buy your domain directly to the company that will provide your accommodation. In this case I recommend you look for serious companies to avoid future problems.

The hosting of the blog is stored is also very important for growth. If the company providing the service is lacking in technical knowledge to manage and resolve potential problems that the server might have, or store more sites than the server is capable of, you risk having your blog with impaired slow to load pages, or is inaccessible internal errors frequently.
Besides losing visitors, the blog loses (or fails to win) placement in search engines, since the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN (now called Bing) want to maintain the quality of its services, ie they seek to send people using its search service for blogs with content of interest and are accessible to most of the time.

Imagine that you enjoy shopping in a market, because the things you usually buy cheaper, but in the last three times you were there, they were closed and you've wasted your time and money on fuel.
You'll probably stop going there or you will put it as a last option in your list of good markets.
The same happens with the big search engines like sites that to please people, or that have good content, have a clean design and are accessible to most of the time.

Where to buy your hosting
There are dozens of quality companies out there who are able to quickly solve most problems that can come up with their hosting. Some Brazilian companies that I recommend are the Godaddy, shoutmydomain and HostGator (all these companies offer domain along with hosting plan).

So friends what is your opinion on this. Let me know your comments on this.

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