10 tips for writing a effective article for blog or website

Which bloggers do not know it: The idea for his own style of writing in the blog articles. Here are 10 helpful tips:

       1. To clarify the position                                                                                                                                                                      
       Write a blog people, not companies. The visitors love to know what you think of blogging. Therefore                        you should clarify the position and publish his opinions clearly.

2.      Link like mad
Link to other articles and blogs that complement your post well. Sooner or later, your article will be linked by others.

3.      Select Crisp headlines 
Pack all your messages in the headline and Check out other blogs or newspapers. Of these, one can learn a lot.

4.      Add little / 250 words rich
Make Attempts to give the readers a lot of information with few words. Visitors usually have little time and do not stay long on the blog. Remains in the short time information depend, visitors come again.

5.      Add enumerations
We all love lists. They are structured, clear and give a good overview.

6.      Add passionately
The reader will notice that you are very sensitive to the issue.

7.      Personalize the article so that readers can easily fly over it
Add (sub) headings. Personalize the headings short and come to the point.

8.      Keep the thread in the writing style
The Read love to know what to expect. Keep your writing style, and visitors will thank you.

9.      Keywords in the article do not forget
The article will be found through search engines. So please use keywords. Make sure that the keywords appear naturally. So please do not keyword spam.

10.  Edit the article
Please read before across a post is published. Delete the superfluous, if correct spelling!

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