Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab review and amazing photos

The Samsung Galaxy tab is smaller and lighter than Apple's iPad: One can therefore maintain better while standing or while walking with one hand and operate with the other. In your shirt or pants pocket, it fits more into it but not easily, for it is hardly smaller than a DVD box. 
The plastic housing of the Galaxy tab looks with value and feels good: Even if the Galaxy Tab strongly suppressed, creaks and grinds it. The back of the Galaxy Tab shines bright, but white. 
The Galaxy Tab has only 16 GB of memory, as much as the smallest iPad model. The internal memory can be a micro-SD card to expand. Samsung sets but not in. A USB connector tab has not the Galaxy: The included USB cable, but it fits into the docking port of the Tablet PC. So you can connect to it to the PC and transfer files. For the Explorer dive both the internal memories as well as an inserted memory card as a mass storage. In this mode, but you can not transfer files to the Galaxy Tab, which are larger than 4 GB. If you want HD movies on the Tablet PC store, for example, you have to Samsung Software gravel access, you can download for free: Gravel is a PC installed and expects the movies that you Tab transmitted want Galaxy again, to MP4 format and at a lower resolution. This will take according to the power of the PC for some time. The battery can, however, do not charge via USB port. This cable has the USB to the included power adapter and the outlet. 
Calls may be made with the Galaxy Tab, if a SIM card inserted in the device. This is the best use the included wired headset. The mobile data network can be reached via HSPA (up to 7.2 Mbps download, 5.76 Mbps upload). In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0. 
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Also owns the Galaxy Tab a camera with 3 mega pixels for snapshots and a web camera for video calls. 
Apps can be installed on five home screens spread between which you scroll your finger wiper. On the first page, Samsung has installed a Task Manager: It displays the active apps, and its memory consumption. So you can easily close individual applications.

The Galaxy Tab brings the usual Android software equipment. In addition All Share is installed: this can be the Galaxy Tab, the DLNA-enabled, integrated into a multimedia network. Also are on board including a file manager and Think Free Office: With this app you can view and edit Office files on the Tablet PC. Apps you can get from the Android Market, on the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be accessed like any android phone. Samsung has even installed an access for their own App Market, in which are found only free offers. Readers in the app stroke can be downloaded after registration from the English E-books Store Kobo. Newspapers should be with the app on the Press Display service you can get magazines on Zinio: To test the time worked on the Galaxy Tab as yet. 
In the test, were all apps from the Market install, although they are not adapted for the high resolution of the Galaxy Tab. Most viewed in full screen mode from good to passable.

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