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Windows Mobile 7 is Microsoft a long overdue start. Windows Mobile could with current systems such as Blackberry OS 6, Apple and Google Android iOS simply not keep up. This is only partly the fault of Microsoft, even poorly written applications and hardware has a weak part contributed to it. Therefore, the Group continues to Windows Phone 7 not only a graphical update, compared to Windows Mobile users need to accept restrictions and manufacturers significantly more - but it will ensure a fresh user interface, new features and interesting phones from different providers.
Focus of the first release is the consumer. Some business functions, such as the Exchange Connection, Office of the hub or the Share Point integration, although integrated from the start, but is currently on Windows Mobile 7 is still far from the flexibility and manageability of Windows Mobile away. The function to copy and paste Microsoft plans late filing as part of a free update in early 2011.

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Windows Mobile 7 should not be just a graphical update to Windows Mobile, but replace the current system completely in the medium term. A new interface for users, relatively high minimum hardware requirements, as well as a managed central marketplace, where you can stock up users with applications, music and videos, was issued by the Redmond company as a guide. No wonder that users feel is reminiscent of the devices and strategies of competitors.
The official launch date for Windows Mobile 7 was 21 October 2010, at which time the provider can sell and deliver smartphones. This exception, even the USA, Europe is ahead there, the first smartphone to be available in November. In Germany, Windows Mobile 7 in the four major wireless providers are available, a total of five different phones then vie for the attention of customers. Three of them will come HTC, the HTC Mozart, the HTC and the HTC HD7 Trophy. LG brings the Optimus 7 and the Samsung Omnia is the seventh
Even if Windows Mobile 7 now comes in the shops, the development stops far. As well as develop an OS for PCs, smart phone operating systems more resistant 

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