Tips to protect your wireless network

Step 1: Router protected by password
Most routers are shipped from the factory with no or inadequate password protection. With older equipment was the standard "0000" popular. If the machine password is not used or altered, the hacker can hijack the Internet or wireless router easily and change the settings to their advantage. A new device password you assigned during the setup program on the router. In which you get with a connected PC via an Internet browser on the Internet address in the manual of the router. Or you have to install the router software provided on a networked PC. Find in it for a menu like "configuration", "Preferences" or "Fritz Box and then an option such as "security", "password" or "(devices) Password". Use for your password the default maximum word length and, if possible letters, digits, uppercase and lowercase letters. It should be in any dictionary, and every two to three months to change.

Step 2: Current device software play
In almost all routers provides for the possibility that device software - also called firmware - update. Thus, the device manufacturers fix bugs, upgrade to new features and plug security holes. In general, you can easily do the update with an automatic "update" feature in the configuration menu of the router. If your router does not provide this automatic, you should keep to the manufacturer's website for firmware updates and install them manually on the lookout for the instructions in the manual.

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