The Settlers - Rise of an Empire PC games review

The campaign of the game takes the players right into the action. In a thrilling narrated tutorial of the new elements of the game mechanics are explained. As a small flaw is that in this tutorial too much is withheld, then what was later to teach itself May simply by looking at the events on the monitor and 1 and 1 together counts.

After the first few minutes of the game is clear: this time the developers have put special emphasis on beginner-friendly game play. Complex business processes are a thing of the past. A production chain now consists of only a few steps: From hunter killed wild games will either immediately processed for meat or clothing. Passing the settler days when the goods were transported by specially assigned settlers back and forth. In the sixth part of us transport the settlers themselves producing a further indication of the retreat from the complexity: buildings are being constructed in seconds, if the necessary resources are available. This has the advantage of being able to respond to a shortage of goods immediately and not be waiting forever be, until the required building is erected. Each building can be upgraded with a mouse click, so that for example, more artisans working for them.
All manufactured goods generally arrive first in the warehouse, where they must be picked up. Gone are the days when you had to build another production facility near binder entangled. This has the advantage that you can now free to plan his city and not easily fall into lack of space. On the market place is where the settlers to act or to have fun.
The Anon series Greetings: The settlers also have needs that must be fulfilled. It starts with the food and then increases up to more luxurious goods. Women also have a role in the new Settlers game: you have to work but do not make but just by their presence that the strike with them, married men work diligently and with a shortage of goods immediately, but bear this lack relaxed.
In each mission you can choose a hero. Over time, the number of the available heroes who each ruled for a special ability to simplify the process of settler life. Each hero has a rank that is dependent on the status of the city. This in turn depends on the unmet needs of the settlers. Enter the start to yet satisfy with food, they will over time require more demanding, even for clothes, church and entertainment.
Everything is just so peaceful most of the time, now and then has to talk down their arms. Especially when one's own territory is scarce and you have to conquer new territory by force militarily. Here, the developers have also reduced complexity compared to its predecessors: one can only draw with swordsmen and archers in the battle, backed by siege weapons. Accordingly, spectacular and sometimes even boring extend the fighting, in which the warrior rather silly AI does the rest. On the other hand, the settlers are building strategy game and not a real-time strategy game.

Optical lays the sixth settler part to properly and is also more colorful than the rather dull in color-held predecessors: the finest, graphic detail fell spoil the eye. Since we are caught here that you just close to the action zooms in to watch such as the funny buzz surrounding the market place. Or watch the hunters to the killing of wild game or the loggers at work. Even different plays are performed in the theater when they built it. Who has the time, can here even watch the actors during rehearsals. Overall, there is much to discover, if you take the time for this. Click of the mouse you can move the camera directly behind the back of a settler and his watch making them even more in his doings. In addition appears what he is doing or what he is missing.
The cards are sometimes extremely large and inquisitive reward players with hidden treasures and other surprises.
For visual variety there are also the four different climate zones and their seasons. In southern climes, water is scarce and rare wood. In snowy areas you can fish only in the summer in the rivers and lakes to get to fish, that is food. Here it is worth it with other, neutral trade villages operate.
Not only in the settlements there is pure life: the landscapes are populated by a variety of animals. The cute animated rabbit they are totally harmless. Are threatening because bears and wolves that attack settlers and when the get too close and should be killed so quickly.


  • Beautiful and impulsive optics
  • varied missions in campaign
  • long campaign
  • over a dozen single player missions’
  • beginner-friendly game mechanics
  • four climatic zones, including seasons
  • intelligent settlers CI
  • different heroes
  • Needs of the settlers
  • in territories banded cards
  • bombastic music and great speakers
  • Multiplayer with up to 4 players

  • stupid Warrior & enemy AI
  •  Simple combat system
  • sometimes too much simplified
  • repetitive construction phase of a settlement
  • high hardware requirements
  • Multiplayer with too little variety

Finally a decent building strategy game! Sure, the sixth Settlers of the wheel does not invent new and also sometimes very scaled down complexity may interfere with one or the other. On the other hand, the very complexity digest ensures that the game is faster and can concentrate on building a functioning settlement. At the same time, the player itself determines the pace of the game and can sit back sometimes and watch with pleasure the settlers in their doings, without being unnecessarily harassed by the game. The excellent and extensive campaign motivated and continually invites to take care of the settlers.
Perfect is "The Settlers - Rise of an Empire" certainly not, but better than the rather dreary predecessors and loose in a position to sweeten so many long, cold winter evening.

Rating: 82%
"The Settlers - Rise of an Empire" is a standard version (40 €) and "Limited Edition" (approx. 55 Euro). The latter also contains the game disc, a art book, a bonus DVD, the soundtrack from the game and an exclusive in-game content.

Note: The demo for The Settlers - Rise of an Empire "is extensive 1.5 GB in size. Buyers of PC World 11/2007 see the demo on the DVD, the DVD release.

Hardware requirements: Windows XP / Vista (Games for Windows "logo), P4 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 3 GB hard drive space, graphics card with 128 MB memory (better: 256 MB memory, ATI Radeon 9500 or up; Geforce 4/FX/6/7).

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