Security features in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 stands for end-users currently in beta version for download available. When you first start after installation, you will be prompted to set up the browser. Here you can save a first security settings choose it. 
Click "Use recommended security and compatibility settings" and then click on "Ok". Use this setting to enable, among other things the smart screen filter in Internet Explorer ninth This can also subsequently at any time under Settings - Security "off again, which we do not recommend.

SmartScreen filter

The Smart Screen Filter in Internet Explorer 9 is to ensure users browsing the Web. The security tool protects against phishing attacks, for example. How to Spot the filter fraudulent websites that attempt to personal information and credentials to enter. In addition, the Smart Screen Filter and malware protection. This will prevent dangerous malware is installed on your computer.
The Smart Screen filter not only detects fraudulent sites, but blocking it completely. It also malicious software and phishing attacks are actually on trusted web sites blocked as a precaution. 
The user has the option suspicious sites directly to Microsoft to report. How the Smart Screen Filter works in the background, any Internet Explorer-9-users this Microsoft demo site to see.

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