5 ways to speed up your pages for appearing in search engines

Until a few years, new pages that were generated on a web site took days or even weeks to appear in search engines. With the growth and maturation of the Internet search process and indexing of new content for the search engines has been accelerating so much that now most prestigious sites are constantly explored and new pages added often appear in search engines within minutes or even seconds of which were published.
However, there are cases where a web site generated content and this seems not to be indexed by search engines for long periods which may extend to weeks or months. Therefore, this article has decided to review the ways you can "accelerate" the process of indexing your pages in search engines. (Note: We accelerate in quotes because in reality the process of indexing in general search engines are completely automated and there is no foolproof way to achieve this, however there is evidence that these strategies help in most cases).


1. - Update your content regularly as possible

A search engine like the fresh content and the more often you add and / or update the information in your web site, search engines will understand that you have to travel more frequently to be always aware of your latest publications. Update your information as often as 3 times a week (or more if possible) is the safest way to make search engines index your information quickly.


2. - Get links to your site from sites with high traffic and reputation

This is a strategy difficult to achieve because many times these sites are not under your control, but getting links to your site from other high-traffic sites as well as help improve your search engine positioning, certainly increase the frequency with the "spiders" or search for new programs navigate your site content.

3. - Take care of the loading time of your website

Remember that web browsers have limited resources (however great they may be) and therefore require optimization. If a search takes too much time browsing your site will put a lower priority and will have trouble navigating your new content will be indexed quickly.

4. - (To Google) Set the frequency of indexing or "crawl rate" Google Webmasters

Monitor and change the crawl rate "of your site from Google Webmaster. If you feel your site is not being sailed with it regularly, then you can apply it more regularly flying. Remember, however, that you can not force Google or any other browser to visit your site and index it; rather you're invited to stop by your site.

5. - Add a site map

If your site is very large is very convenient to have a site map to your users and search engines. As your users, search engines may be lost in a place too big and not find some content that is "buried" there. Help them find it.

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