Top 10 tips for choosing the right WordPress Themes

How to select a suitable theme for my website? This is a common question among all new webmasters. Here are some tips to help you in taking decision. If you ever been faced with the task stood round a suitable WordPress theme for your blog to choose, you surely know how frustrating this "problem" can be. Not for nothing, there is the naive but definitely truth with saying, "Who has the choice, torture, the".
A major advantage of the blogging software WordPress is the fact that thousands of high-quality and most free themes are available for download in the Internet free. But that wealth of design makes this blog is sometimes extremely difficult to pick out for that right Theme.
The first step is to there is the question on what type of template you want to build new his blog. Should it fee-based, professionally shot to be a theme, or rather a freely available? In case you're a little with CSS and web design knows you also have also the possibility of a free template with a few simple steps to adjust your needs and customize it thus.
Many new bloggers worry, however, not a question of whether a template is already used several times by other ('s also no longer really tragic) and opt for this reason a freely available and free WordPress Theme. After one has now the most rudimentary question regarding the selection of a template (free, premium or individual) has addressed the decision opens up a number of other criteria by which one can choose his blog design.

Decision Support for the correct choice of topics

1. Want to make money with your blog?
If so, I advise you up for a paid premium template to decide what your requirements in terms of reflecting the "professionalism" and give your readers by a more individual design reliability and authenticity. If you want to generate not”real" money with your blog project, so naturally reached a freely available theme. One has to decide yes later still the possibility for any other fee-based blog design.

2. How is the look of your blog your "success" affects?
For a purely private or personal blog in general, the free WordPress themes more than sufficient, since with this category of blogs is not really an original Design counts. Rather, as the personal character and a rather small target in the center of the "blogging strategy." For an economic background thoughts with blog, however, the certain image to the exterior transport would also, it's more money in an individual and professional Theme to invest wisely and as well as this is a corporate design to implement to the correspondingly.

3. How many blogs already use the selected theme?
Some of the themes offered for free, mainly the Most Popular, are used by thousands of bloggers already. Apparently, it is therefore much harder to stand out from the crowd with his blog, but that these popular themes have definite advantages over lesser-known blog design. Thus, themes that have good reputations in the blogosphere and are often used relatively often with updates and new features provided and also still enjoy a relatively strong "support" by their developers. If so you have time to deal with technical design problems, themes can be quite advantageous.

4. The design is also search engine friendly?
Within the spectrum is the freely available themes relating to the "code quality" wide-ranging highly. If you do not with HTML and CSS web languages familiar with, so evaluation is one concerning the search engine friendliness extremely difficult. But even for this problem is also on the Internet, a solution or a niche. Theme designer develop search engine optimized WordPress extra-themes that are declared as such and also individual template display cases are found in many place. The search with Google for these keywords "SEO WordPress Themes" gives you perfect results and templates. A first point of an American designer, SEO is, but also mentioned at this point also:

5. Is the theme fulfill your "monetization rights"?
If you play with the idea of monetizing your blog project so you should consider this matter of the template selection. Would you as Adsense ads, banner links, text links, etc. in place so that your blog should have selected Design appropriate implementation options. Adding the aforementioned advertising in a not suitable for this template, the result often an impression that can affect overloaded the blog.

6. If you have a logo that fits the theme?
On the Internet we encounter many blogs that have a mockup by using freely available templates. In itself is against this fact, as I mentioned earlier, no objection, but you should be careful if you make a logo in such a finished design that this also to the overall appearance and is no such set up and cut to the viewer acts. If you plan to use your own logo, then choose a theme that also fits with this logo.

7. Is the design Widget Ready?
For an interactive and loaded with extra features Sidebar, it is necessary that the corresponding WordPress design also supports the individual widgets. You should therefore ensure that if you want to spice up your blog functions with each widget that they can also be realized easily by each design. The simple term "widget ready" declared such a compatible design.

8. Holds the template hidden links?
Often it is more than amazing to see how many hidden links in WordPress themes are freely available. However, taking the template of pages, which have a good reputation in the blogosphere regarding the creation of templates, so you can actually assume that the individual themes have not really implemented a lot of hidden links. A scan of the selected template is also highly advisable.

9. If the template code valid?
More than 90% of bloggers do not care whether the template code of your blog is actually valid also (Yes, I too must confess that I did not my template selected on the basis of this property and knowing better myself for the design and against the valid code have chosen).
Valid code is a high certainty, however, that all visitors can view the site properly and enjoy.

10. If your blog with the selected theme can grow?
If a blog grows, so too do the demands on them and they would naturally and as a faithful blogger and his readers from time to deploy new features. These features but also require additional space and over again, the margin allowed you may initially not directly related. For this reason, it is advisable that you select a blog template that can be extended in simple and easily "upgraded" with some additional features. One should therefore never be put on a template but extend the boundaries of this constantly.

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