Android WiFi Manager review and installation procedure

The Android Software Manager WiFi producers deliver the practical management software for Android-based smartphones. This allows information such as contacts, messages and multimedia data to synchronize with the PC - and conveniently via WLAN.

The WiFi manager may Android: An android user often lacks a desktop software for the synchronization of contacts, messages or multimedia deals. A possible solution comes from the manufacturer Mobile Action. The software can be an existing WLAN to connect to the Android smartphone. Users can then from the PC to contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, applications and files. In addition, you can set up different synchronizations, as can the contacts with Windows Contacts or Outlook match.

Especially handy is the WiFi content matching. Similar to Windows Mobile 7 is the comparison of multimedia content and images no longer required active USB connection. However, the transfer is then much slower than USB. The app also offers convenient access to apps from the Android Market. About the Android WiFi Manager can download the applications and transferred to the smartphone.

Installation: The Android WiFi Manager consists of two components - desktop software with an Android App. The PC software can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of the app can be found in the Android Market. After installing the app, it shows a numeric code, the IP phone in the desktop software must be entered as well.

Conclusion: The Android Manager WiFi is a practical management software for Android-based smartphones. Although some manufacturers marched with applications, convinced the app, because it offers features such as access to the Android Market,
Applications do not bring the other.

Android Market
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